There have been rumors all season that Flyers defenseman Derian Hatcher would make it back on the ice in time for the playoffs.

And this morning, there he was.

But don't get ahead. Hatcher is joining the team in a player/coach role and will be traveling with the Flyers through the playoffs.

"Paul [Holmgren, general manager] just asked me to travel with the team yesterday," Hatcher said. "Obviously I said yes. They want me to be more of a player role than a coaching role and be around the guys, joke around, help them out when I can or whatever."

Hatcher has been on long-term injury all season because his knees just can't take NHL hockey any longer. He has stayed around the team, training and trying to stay in shape.

So does this means he could try a comeback?

"Noooo," Hatcher said. "Does it look like it? Don't even, no. I have to wear a brace on my knee just to be out there. I'm going to be like an eighth defenseman with no chance of playing." *