The Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy at the Boston University School of Medicine has lined up a number of professional and amateur athletes who have agreed to donate their brains upon their death. Currently, there are 116 donors (68 pro athletes, 48 amateurs). These are the names of the athletes who have allowed their names to be used publicly.


Ted Johnson

Joe DeLamielleure

Isaiah Kacyvenski

Ben Lynch

Bernie Parrish

Ralph Wenzel

Frank Wycheck

Bruce Laird

Brent Boyd

Mel Owens

Dan Pastorini

Billy Ray Smith

Ken Gray

Barry "J.B." Brown

James Houston

Chad Levitt

David Long

Harry Jacobs


Keith Primeau

Noah Welch

Steve Heinze

Ryan Vandenbussche


Paul Grant

Malcolm Huckaby


Cindy Parlow

Pro wrestling

Rob Van Dam

Lance Storm

Chris Nowinski

Tom Materas


Jenny Thompson


Termite Watkins