THIS COULD BE a big weekend for Brett Myers. The injured Phillies starter, who hasn't pitched since May 27, amazingly still leads major league pitchers in home runs allowed, with 17. But that could change very soon - and his mates could be the ones to take him off the hook.

Milwaukee's Dave Bush tied Myers by giving up a pair of bombs on Monday. Bush is set to pitch Saturday against Detroit.

But the real intrigue lies with Baltimore's Jeremy Guthrie, who is third with 16 dingers surrendered. If Bush goes homerless, Guthrie could knock Myers out of first by giving up two homers to the Phillies on Sunday at Citizens Bank Park. (Hey, it's a mid-June series against the Brutalmore Orioles. Gotta take these nuggets where we can get 'em.)

Jamie Moyer allowed two last night against Toronto and is now at 16. Minnesota's Scott Baker is at 15 heading into Saturday's start against Houston.

My blue heaven

Penn State fans: Prepare for 24 hours dedicated to you, the rabid blue-and-white-wearing, couch-fire setting (only after Ohio State games, we know), Nittany Lion lover this Sunday. Starting at 6 a.m., the Big Ten Network will air only Penn State-related shows, highlights and sporting events for its "Penn State Day." Enjoy.

Jamaica me crazy

When asked the chances of his country emerging from a weak Group A bracket featuring Canada, Costa Rica and El Salvador in the upcoming CONCACAF Gold Cup, Jamaican midfielder Dane Richards' rationale really didn't account for much.

"We are the strongest team without a doubt, because we have more players coming from the English [Premier] League. We also have more European players, and that's good to have. We have proved it, so without a doubt, we are."

For the Gold Cup, Jamaica plans to bring essentially the same cast that was its ace squad during a World Cup qualifying run in which the Reggae Boyz' failed to even make it into the final rounds against the same competition. Which raises the question: What's the difference?

- Ed Barkowitz and Kerith Gabriel