The latest rumors have the Sixers in talks with the Charlotte Bobcats, sending C Samuel Dalembert and the 17th overall pick in the Thursday's draft for F Vladimir Radmanovic, C Nazr Mohammad, and the 12th pick in the draft. Though I'd love to see Sammy go, this trade wouldn't help cap-wise, since both Radmanovic and Mohammad have another two years remaining on their deals. In actuality, the team would take on approximately $2 million more.

In addition, the jump to 12 in the draft really doesn't seem to offer that much value, unless the team is really high on Ty Lawson and don't want to risk that they'll be able to nab him at 17.

Hit the road

On the road, they are the best team in baseball. At home, they are as bad as the Nationals. That's your 2009 Phillies, everyone.

Since lamenting in my post last week about their home woes, the Phillies proceeded to lose four more games at home, bringing their home record to 13-22, the second worst home record in baseball. On the road, the Phillies are still a remarkable 23-9, far and away the best in the league away from home.

I'll once again ask the same question I asked last week: Is this a real trend or just a statistical anomaly? The teams that the Phillies have played at home and on the road are just about equally as good, so you can't blame it on a harder home schedule. Injuries, while they are a lame excuse because every team deals with them, still play a part in the current losing streak. I defy any team to lose their top hitter, their second best pitcher and their closer and keep winning consistently. Add on top of that the sickness that kept Ryan Howard out [Sunday], and the Phillies can blame some of their current woes on injuries.

But, injuries don't explain why the Phillies still make average starters like Rich Hill and Scott Richmond look like all stars. And, injuries don't explain what has happened to Jimmy Rollins, who is hitting an atrocious .217 and has a .261 on base percentage. How is a team supposed to win when their leadoff hitter never gets on base? I think it's time once again for Charlie Manuel to drop Rollins to sixth in lineup.

Now we head to Tampa Bay, and I really don't see things looking up. David Price vs. Jamie Moyer doesn't exactly scream comeback game. The other pitching match-ups are a little better, and I think we will halt the streak during the series, but will lose two out of three.