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If Todd Bertuzzi is within the $2M range the Flyers should take a crack at him. Not because it would give my fellow bloggers more ammunition against the Flyers, but because he's put up 40 and 44 points in 68 and 66 game seasons over the past two years, respectively. His career has been forever tarnished by of a single bad decision, even though his "hockey mind" was in the right place when he made it (if you don't think revenge is a central component of hockey . . .). That doesn't mean he can't contribute to a team making a run at a Cup.

I'd take Bertuzzi, who turns 35 in February, for 2 years at $4M altogether. If you're one of those peeps looking for your 50 goals then Bertuzzi will help you put a dent in that. He's like a half-priced Lupul with may more experience and can still fly.

As far as a 7th defenseman goes we have like 10 of them on the Phantoms. I don't see a reason to give $1M to some guy just so he can warm up the press box.

hes got a bum knee recently surgically operated on, wrong side of 30, and I've read a few articles that said the reason the ducks dumped him was that he was poison in the locker room.

I'd look at Shanny before him I think.

I'd rather just use players off the phantoms roster and keep the remaining cap space we have left so we could actually make a move/trade during the season once we see who's playing good/bad and whos healthy/injured.

7th defenseman and a depth centerman are players that are gonna be on the ice less than 10 minutes a game.

Hamels hurtin' Phils

The Phillies need more problems as much as I need to smack my head repeatedly into a brick wall (although there are some that might argue this is a good idea!). The fact that the Phillies have serious starting pitching issues is old news at this point, but you can now officially add Cole Hamels to the list of pitching concerns. Even with the injuries to Brett Myers and Antonio "One Pitch" Bastardo and the inconsistencies of Blanton, Myers, and Happ, Cole Hamels was supposed to be the sure thing. He was supposed to be the "ace", the "stopper", the guy who could make the pitching staff look a lot better because of his dominance. It hasn't quite gone according to plan. . . . We should expect more than what has been shown so far.

Look around the league at the aces of staffs on winning teams; you won't find one with a 4.98 ERA. This is not a classic Philly overreaction. I would love someone to make a good argument on the fact that the ace of the pitching staff has a losing record and a 4.98 ERA with the All Star break fast approaching is no big deal. If you can do that, I'd love to hear it.

Who runs the Celtics?

When did Kevin Garnett become assistant GM? First his pal Cassell showed up. Then he gave his OK to proceed with Marbury. Now he's recruiting buddy Sheed and the C's are said to be interested in his best pal Ty Lue. Too bad he doesn't have any ties to Shawn Marion. Are there any other members of his posse that we should invite to the summer league?