DeSean Jackson is Mr. Incredible.

Actually, he's Dash Incredible.

In the Disney Pixar film The Incredibles, Dash is the super-speedy fourth grader in a family of superheroes who has yet to discover the extent of his powers. In one scene, as Dash is being chased, he realizes he can run on water and giggles to himself.

As Jackson was skipping down the sideline during his exhilarating punt return Sunday night - past Giants players and through puddles - the Eagles wide receiver could have had a similar moment of self-realization.

Look at what I can do!

"I can't wait to see it," Jackson said of his own highlights in the Eagles' 45-38 win.

In a game of big plays, the skinny 23-year-old made the biggest ones. While the 72-yard punt return for a touchdown was the most individually spectacular, Jackson's third-quarter, 60-yard touchdown reception from Donovan McNabb was the most important.

After scoring six touchdowns over 50 yards through the first seven weeks of the season, Jackson went the next five games without scoring from that distance. The Eagles will take points from anywhere, but Jackson had his eyes on the NFL mark of eight 50-yard-plus scores

"I kind of had the record in my mind," said Jackson, who also had 48-yard and 35-yard TD catches in Games 10 and 11. "It's hard not to."

He has three games left to eclipse co-record-holders Devin Hester of the 2007 Chicago Bears and Crazylegs Hirsch of the 1951 Los Angeles Rams. He will get opportunities.

"That's all we do," Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg joked. "We say, 'DeSean, just run down the field and we'll get you the ball.' "

Opponents could keep punting to Jackson. Giants punter Jeff Feagles tried to angle a second-quarter boot toward the sideline, hoping it would go out of bounds or at least box in the returner.

Indeed, Jackson fielded the punt two yards from the sideline. He looked up and saw Bryan Kehl, who had beaten Jason Avant downfield. Kehl blocked Jackson's path to his right, so Jackson did what every returner is told not to do: run backward. He didn't actually run, he sort of backpedaled two steps to survey the scene. He saw a wall forming that allowed a small alleyway down the sideline.

Avant recovered and barely got off a legal block on Kehl. Eagle gunner Dimitri Patterson fended off Domenik Hixon, and Joselio Hanson, the other gunner, contained Darcy Johnson. Moise Fokou then knocked Zak DeOssie, who was trailing Jackson, out of bounds.

Feagles was the last one to beat. It was broadband vs. dial-up, or in the case of Jackson and Feagles, broadband vs. two cups and a piece of string.

"That's kind of a rule in my [book], not to get tackled by the punter or the kicker," Jackson said, echoing what every punt and kick returner has said for decades.

He made a slight fake inside, zoomed past Feagles, and coasted like Usain Bolt into the end zone.

"He creates seams and spaces all by himself," Eagles special teams coordinator Ted Daisher said. "I was standing right on the sideline, and I thought, 'This is the best punt returner in the NFL.' "

Jackson's touchdown catch illustrated the weight Jackson now carries on offense.

"I was kind of desperate. The team was desperate," said Jackson, who was forced to sit last week because of a concussion. "We just needed a big play, and I put it on my shoulders to go to Donovan and go to coach [Andy] Reid and go to Marty and say, 'Give me the ball.' "

With McNabb in the shotgun behind a two-tight-end set, Jackson split wide right just inside receiver Reggie Brown. Fullback Leonard Weaver was to the right of McNabb and stayed in to help block with tight end Brent Celek. Alex Smith, the other tight end, went out and drew safety Michael Johnson in a step.

Jackson, meanwhile, ran a post route. Mornhinweg said that Jackson was option No. 1 and Smith option No. 2, which was important because when Johnson bit on Smith, it opened up the middle downfield.

McNabb, as he did for much of the game, had ample time (4.2 seconds on this play). He slightly underthrew Jackson, but the pass beat a desperate dive by safety Aaron Ross. Jackson then did a moonwalk into the end zone and danced like Michael Flatley.

It was the only non-incredible moment of his evening.