The following is a partial transcript from yesterday's fantasy football chat with John Gonzalez on

Comment from the Dowg: Do you think it is a good play to keep Dallas Clark in my lineup or replace him with Heath Miller?

Gonzo: The Colts say that the starters will play. The question is, how long? If you're worried that they'll get up early and yank people, Miller is actually a good replacement this week. He's a safe play, but Clark obviously has more upside if you want to gamble.

Comment from Mack: Where does DeSean Jackson go among WRs next season?

Gonzo: Top 10 - particularly if your league awards points for long touchdowns.

Comment from George: What are you expecting from Avant down the stretch? Deep league with three WRs. He's been a little inconsistent though.

Gonzo: With DJack out in Atlanta, I expected a huge game from Avant. Didn't happen. As you noted, he's been inconsistent. If you're in a deep league, he's worth using as a low-end No. 3 option against bad pass defenses, but only if you don't have much else to go with. As a fantasy player, I'm not all that high on him at the moment.

Comment from Chris k: Roddy White or Crabtree or Housh? I'm so confused as to whom to play none are doing that great.

2:04 Chris k

Gonzo: I guess Roddy White. I'm not crazy about his matchup this week, though. 2:06 Gonzo

You have to be careful with White. He'll likely face Darrelle Revis, who's about as good a cover corner as there is in the league right now. Thing is, Crabtree faces the Birds (and has no real QB; still don't like Alex Smith), and while Housh and the Seahawks face Tampa, I'm not sold on the Seahawks' offense.

Comment from Guest: I have 3 RBs: M. Barber, D. Williams, and R. Grant - Need two RBs and 1 flex spot. Should I replace one of them with Donald Driver? My other 2 WRs are Welker and Marshall. Also, I am playing against A. Rodgers.

Gonzo: Don't worry about who you're playing against. Just start the best lineup. DeAngelo is in. And I like Donald Driver. He's consistent. I'd probably start him over Grant, but it's close.

Comment from Steve: I had A. Johnson, B. Marshall and D-Jack in my lineup last week and won by a large enough margin to capture first place. What can I do for an encore?

Gonzo: OK. That made me laugh. You're like the D-Jack of fantasy football chats. I can see you doing the jerk-leg dance as you type.

Comment from Gonzo Junior: Toughie - next year's No. 1 pick: C. Johnson or Peterson?

Gonzo: What's up, Mini Me? I swear I'm not just saying this because of your name: I was wondering this very thing earlier in the day. I'm going to say that AP is the guy because people fear change. Plus, Turner had an unreal year last season and he fell off. There's no guarantee that Johnson will be able to duplicate his success next year.

Comment from South Street: I asked Ashley Fox this question and now the ball will be in your court.. . . Do I start Westbrook this week over my other RBs - Buckhalter, Jerome Harrison, or Jason Snelling?

Gonzo: I wouldn't start Westbrook if you can avoid it. Your other options aren't great, but no one knows how much time he'll see - or if he'll play at all. Andy Reid said [Westbrook would] be at practice [yesterday], and that's a good sign. But he's only running with the scout team. They're bringing him back slow and steady - as they should. That's good for him, but not so good for your fantasy team.

Comment from Stuck in DC: Who do you like? Jason Campbell against the soft secondary of the Giants we just saw or Eli Manning with (maybe not so much) a better set of WRs?

Gonzo: Eli. I like just about anyone better than Jason Campbell.

Comment from Matt P. Don't you hate pants?

Gonzo: How did you know that? Get out of my head.