Fantasy football is a lot like the storm we just had. Here are the Week 15 players who helped dig us out of trouble - along with a few others who buried our spirits.

Fantasy Boom

Jerome Harrison:

OK, so K.C. isn't the best team in the league (this just in), but that was still a mighty fine effort from Harrison: 286 yards and three touchdowns.

Jamaal Charles: Larry Johnson who? (154 yards, one touchdown)

Vince Young: If you were among the doubters, perhaps yesterday's performance changed your mind about him (236 yards, three TDs).

Andre Johnson: You can have Larry Fitzgerald if you like. I'll take Johnson (196 yards).

Chris Chambers: He should have tried to get the Chargers to cut him a lot sooner. He's been pretty good since leaving San Diego (114 yards, one touchdown).

Fantasy Bust

Calvin Johnson: Not a whole lot for the good people of Detroit to be excited about these days (three catches, 35 yards).

Brady Quinn: The Browns won the game and scored 41 points and yet Quinn threw for just 66 yards (not a typo) and two picks.

Terrell Owens: Ugly stuff for T.O. yesterday (two receptions, 20 yards). Anyone want to bet that he blames Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Roddy White: Wasn't the Atlanta offense supposed to be good this year? (four catches, 33 yards)

Tom Brady: After the game he had against the Bills - 115 yards, one interception - Gisele should make him sleep on the couch.