BRETT FAVRE is a weasel.

How else do you describe a guy who has a heated argument with his coach during a game and then tells everyone about it afterward?

Here's what happened:

The Vikings (11-3) had clinched the NFC North title before their game with the Panthers even started. After watching Favre get sacked four times, Vikings coach Brad Childress decided to protect his No. 1 quarterback and replace him with Tarvaris Jackson. It was the third quarter and the Vikings were ahead, 7-6.

But Favre refused to be benched, and Childress backed down. The Vikings, by the way, went on to lose, 26-7.

At the postgame press conference, Favre acted like he was in charge of the team.

"Yeah, there was a heated discussion, I guess you would call it," Favre said. "No way being up 7-6 and getting banged around a little bit would I consider coming out . . . I said, 'I'm staying in the game. I'm playing.' "

We can't see that happening with any other team - certainly not the Eagles. But, it seems like you can do whatever you want when your name is Brett Favre.

Far too serious about sports

Some fans are a little too . . . well . . . fanatical.

Such is the case of a New Hampshire woman who was convicted yesterday of second-degree murder after she hit a man with her car after he harassed her for being a New York Yankees fan.

The Nashua Telegraph reported that 45-year-old Ivonne Hernandez was convicted of killing 29-year-old Matthew Beaudoin in a parking lot in Nashua in May 2008.

Hernandez testified that Beaudoin and others taunted her about the Yankees sticker on her car. She said she had teased them about how many World Series the Yankees had won compared to the Red Sox. She claimed they began pounding on her car, which frightened her and caused her to accidentally run into Beaudoin.

At the trial, she denied telling police that she was just trying to scare Beaudoin and said she didn't mean to hit him.

- Tom Mahon

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