What we're talking about after Eagles' win over the Broncos:

-- The return: Brian Dawkins did his "Weapon X" routine exiting the Broncos' tunnel, rolling forward, rolling backward with a pike, shoving a cameraman out of the way (the cameraman was inside the players' high-five alley) and delighting a stadium full of people wearing his old Eagles No. 20 jersey.

-- The return, Part 2: Running back Brian Westbrook, having missed seven of the last eight games with two concussions, looked tentative in his limited action.

-- The catches: Tight end Brent Celek, one-handed, lefthanded, down the middle; Jason Avant, a tipped TD pass; and Jeremy Maclin, the game sealer, dragging both feet at the 13, incomplete at first, then reviewed and reversed.

-- The fear: The Broncos clearly were scared of combustible punt returner DeSean Jackson, kicking short and poorly.

-- The number: The Birds finished Game 15 of 16 with a new single-season record of 429 points, 13 more than the previous record, set last season.

-- The QB: Donovan McNabb continued his spotty December play, dangerously inaccurate despite going 20-for-35 with three TDs and an interception.

-- The Macho Man: Macho Harris fumbled two kickoffs and lost one of them. He also committed a questionable unnecessary-roughness penalty on Asante Samuel's interception return.