THINK TEXAS TECH will give head coach Mike Leach the "Most Courageous" award?

Not likely. The Red Raiders aren't the Eagles and Leach is no Michael Vick, although he's apparently no stranger to inhumane behavior.

You would have thought Leach would have learned to act properly after the mega-flak he took for saying his players listened to "their fat little girlfriends" instead of preparing for an opponent.

But that politically incorrect comment is nothing compared to his alleged conduct toward receiver Adam James, son of former NFL player Craig James, who is an analyst for ESPN.

Craig suffered a concussion in practice on Dec. 16. The next day before practice, James said Leach told trainers to put him in "the darkest place you can find." James said he was placed in an equipment shed near the practice field, where a member of the athletic staff checked on him to make sure he did sit or lean on anything. James said that Leach told him that if he left the shed he would be thrown off the team.

A source close to James told the Associated Press that a similar episode occurred 2 days later.

Craig James called the administration and complained. The school said it sent a voice mail to Leach's attorney demanding an apology from Leach by Monday. When one didn't come, the school suspended him. That meant Leach would not be able to coach in the Alamo Bowl against Michigan State on Saturday.

One would think Leach would be grateful the university didn't take stronger action. After all, if he had been fired he would not be eligible to collect an $800,000 bonus that becomes due tomorrow.

But no. Yesterday, Leach filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to get the suspension lifted. A hearing was set for this morning in the 99th District Court in Lubbock, Texas.

We don't know how the judge will rule but we know what we'd do to Leach if we were the president of Texas Tech.

We'd fire the bully. Or better yet, put him in a small shed and tell him that if he comes out he's off the team.

- Tom Mahon

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