What: Major League Baseball First-Year Player Draft

When: Tonight-Wednesday

Rounds: 50

Tonight: Round 1 and compensatory round, 7 o'clock, MLB Network

Tomorrow: Rounds 2-30, noon, MLB.com

Wednesday: Rounds 31-50, noon, MLB.com

Where: Studio 42 at MLB Network in Secaucus, N.J., for tonight; remainder of draft conducted via conference call from MLB headquarters in New York.

Time: Teams have 5 minutes between selections in Round 1,

1 minute in compensatory round.

Eligibility: Generally, high school players competing their fourth year of eligibility and are graduating or have no remaining eligibility; college players from 4-year schools who have completed their junior or senior years or are at least 21; junior college players regardless of year.

Phillies' selections:

Round 1: No. 27 overall

Round 2: No. 77

Round 3: No. 108

Round 4: No. 141

Round 5: No. 171

Round 6-50: 26th pick in each round