PEOPLE SAY, and tweet, the darndest things.

Fox NFL Sunday co-host Terry Bradshaw, for example, didn't mince words when asked what he thought of Super Bowl XLVIII being played outdoors in Metlife Stadium, in East Rutherford, N.J.

Bradshaw told WFAN in New York:

"It's freakin' outside in New York, are you kidding me? Not even New York - New Jersey. It's not like Minnesota, it's a dome. It's not like it's Detroit, it's a dome. It's not like it's Indy, it's a dome . . . I don't want it to be bad, 'cause I'm there. I don't want it to bad, I want it to be nice, but I don't think you should be putting Super Bowls in northern cities in the winter time."

Then there's Pete Rose weighing in on the $240 million, 10-year deal that rapper/agent Jay-Z helped Robinson Cano get with the Mariners.

Rose told to ESPN New York:

"He [Jay-Z] got him a big raise, but he got him an extra 30-day vacation - and it's called October."

Of course you can always rely on South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier to say something snarky. Or, in this case, tweet it.

Spurrier, whose Gamecocks are playing in the Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin, coached Florida for 12 seasons, winning a national title in 1997. The Gators went 4-8 this year and will not be in a bowl for the first time since 1990, which prompted Spurrier to tweet:

"Somebody told me the Gators are staying home for the holidays. Maybe we can get a bunch of Gators to come to our game."

Finally, the Ravens play the Lions on Monday night and Baltimore safety Matt Elam showed he was clueless when asked by about Detroit's 28-year-old wide receiver Calvin "Megatron" Johnson.

Elam told the Detroit Free Press:

"He's pretty old, so I don't know how physical he'll be. He's a big guy, but he's older. I guess when they get older they're not going to be as physical, you know what I'm saying?"