Despite yesterday's loss to the Vikings, the Eagles can clinch the NFC East next Sunday night.That said, both the Eagles (8-6) and Cowboys (7-7) are still in control of their own fates. If either wins out, they win the NFC East title. Next Sunday's games are full of NFC East playoff implications. The Cowboys plays the Redskins in the afternoon. If the Cowboys lose at Washington, the Eagles would win the NFC East with a victory over the Bears next Sunday night at the Linc. If the Cowboys win, the Eagles-Bears game would mean nothing in deciding the NFC East race, but would have a bearing on playoff seeding. The NFC East title then would be decided on Dec. 29 when the Eagles visit Dallas. The NFC East champion will host a playoff game on either Jan. 4 or 5. Interestingly, the Eagles are out of the wild-card race. The Eagles can win 10 games, but if they win 10 games they will be division winners. The 49ers and Panthers already have 10 wins. - Daily News Staff Report