Despite the optimism heading into Sunday's game, the Eagles' offseason could start Monday. And with it would start the obvious questions about the future of many free agents.

The questioning, in truth, has already started. So here's a primer on the eight free agents the Eagles will have to make decisions on and the likelihood of each's returning in 2014:

He's down to maybe his last life as a starting quarterback, but Michael Vick will certainly have a future as a backup somewhere in the NFL next season. Vick said Tuesday that he would like to be back with the Eagles, but if he gets the opportunity to compete for a starting job like he did this year, he'll likely go in that direction. Even so, the Eagles may want to draft another young quarterback, which would leave Vick without a spot on this roster. Chance he'll be back: 20 percent.

Jeremy Maclin entered the final year on his rookie contract saying that he would show the Eagles what he was worth. But the wide receiver tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the first week of training camp, and has now suffered the same injury to his right knee twice in his football career. Maclin never busted out in his first four seasons, but at only 25 years old he may find a team willing to give him a long-term deal. Maybe that team is the Eagles. He may need to take a one-year offer to prove that the knee is healthy. Chances: 50 percent.

Nate Allen started slowly, improved during the middle part of the season, but has returned to his inconsistent ways. He isn't a bad safety. The Eagles just may not think he's good enough to warrant a free-agent contract as a starter. But another team might fall in love with the size and speed. Chances: 33 percent.

While LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson had proved themselves before Chip Kelly's arrival, Riley Cooper could find his impressive numbers attributed to the coach's offense in contract negotiations. He has made some impressive catches, though, and is on pace to finish the season with about 50 catches for 850 yards and eight touchdowns. Chances: 60 percent.

He's a Kelly guy, so Kurt Coleman could return in the same role as a backup safety and special-teams contributor. The Eagles, though, may be looking to revamp a position that continues to give them problems (like most NFL teams). Chances: 15 percemt.

Donnie Jones may have been the Eagles' best free-agent signing last season. He's 11th in the league in net punting average and fourth in punts inside the 20-yard line. Jones is 33, but he has plenty of life left in that leg. Chances: 75 percent.

He once again leads the Eagles in special-teams tackles, but when he had to play on defense, Colt Anderson struggled. The Eagles need better safety depth, but Kelly places a lot of emphasis on special teams and could welcome Anderson back into the fold. Chances: 50 percemt.

Phillip Hunt missed the entire season with a torn ACL. Another of the defensive-end-to-outside-linebacker experiments, he never gave the Eagles much of a look at whether the transition worked. Chances: 5 percent.