Michigan is apparently making a serious run at San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh to fill its open coaching position.

According to a report from the NFL Network, citing anonymous sources, Michigan offered Harbaugh $8 million per year to coach the Wolverines.

That would be almost $1 million more than the current highest-paid college coach, Alabama's Nick Saban, who made $7,160,187 in his most recent season, according to USA Today.

The NFL Network said Harbaugh has not given the Wolverines a "definitive no," and ESPN cited an unnamed person saying that the Niners coach was "considering" the six-year offer. ESPN cited another person close to the hiring process who said "it was not likely" Harbaugh would end up at Michigan.

Harbaugh, the former Michigan quarterback, signed a five-year, $25 million contract when he was hired by the 49ers in 2011. He took them to the Super Bowl and two other NFC title games in his first three seasons. The 49ers were eliminated from playoff contention last weekend.

He has one year remaining on his contract, but most NFL insiders have insisted that there is no repairing his damaged relationship with 49ers management. The Oakland Raiders are reportedly interested as well.

Michigan has not made any statements about who is being targeted as a candidate since firing Brady Hoke on Dec. 2.

Harbaugh's last regular-season game with the 49ers is Dec. 28 at home against the Arizona Cardinals.