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Alejandro Alvarez

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Philly Thrive and South Philadelphia residents lead a PES Refinery protest

Philly Thrive and South Philadelphia residents gather outside the former PES Refinery at Passyunk Avenue near 28th St. on Monday, June 22, 2020.

South Philly residents protest buyer of refinery one year after explosion

Philly Thrive, a progressive environmental activist group, conducted a march on the South Philadelphia refinery site to commemorate the fire’s anniversary.

National Guard stands in front of site where Frank Rizzo statue once stood

National Guard troops stand in front of the Municipal Services Building in Philadelphia, hours after the city removed the Frank Rizzo statue.

Police Commissioner Outlaw: "We do not condone or endorse any vigilante justice"

In a statement on June 2, Police Commissioner Outlaw denounced vigilante activity in Philadelphia as a response to riots and looting.

Police transport potential looter who was shot and killed by South Philadelphia store owner

Tuesday morning, the owner of Firing Line, Inc. in South Philly shot and killed a potential looter. Police transport individual who was pronounced on the scene.

Philly firefighters battle two-alarm fire in North Philly after weekend of looting

The Philadelphia Fire Department has responded to dozens of fires over the past 24 hours.

Philadelphia police officers block Market Street at 51st Street from protesters

As looting comes to West Philadelphia, police officers block Market Street at 51st Street.

What Center City Philadelphia looks like after a night of demonstrations and vandalism

From Walnut and Chestnut Streets to City Hall, Philadelphia awoke to the aftermath of demonstrations against police brutality.

Damage on Chestnut Street after a night of protests and riots

Philly protests descended into chaos Saturday after the death of George Floyd. We surveyed the damage of looting and riots Sunday morning on Chestnut Street.