Bethany Ao covers young adults for the Health section, with an eye towards mental, sexual and preventative health.

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How to talk to your friends who still aren’t social distancing

Experts say that people interested in changing the behavior of their neighbors, friends, and family members who aren’t practicing social distancing should use empathy.

Treating coronavirus takes serious toll on health-care workers’ mental health, study finds

A study of health care workers in China found that approximately 50% of participants experienced depressive symptoms, 45% experienced anxiety, 34% experienced insomnia, and 72% experienced distress.

Many of Philly’s coronavirus cases are in young people. Experts explain why those numbers may be skewed.

Public health experts and officials believe there may be two reasons ⁠— young people socialize often with others, and that the existing numbers do not fully capture the situation.

Transgender people with IDs that match their gender have better mental health, Drexel study finds

Among transgender people whose IDs did not match their gender presentation, a third of them experienced being denied access to services, harassment, violence, or all three.

For the families of Philadelphia’s health-care workers, painful choices and growing anxiety amid coronavirus outbreak

The families who are avoiding their loved ones or setting up quarantine rooms in their homes are part of the sacrifice.

Health-care workers treating coronavirus need protective gear. In Pa. and N.J. they don’t have enough.

Medical personnel are resorting to creative — and potentially unsafe — tactics in the face of equipment shortages.

Social distancing can strain mental health. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Exercise, reading, artsy activities and connecting with friends remotely may help alleviate stress, experts say.

The coronavirus is less deadly for young people, but doctors say they should still care about it

“There’s a social obligation to help protect the public, even if that doesn’t directly affect you."

‘We don’t have a plan’: Coronavirus adds pressure to caregivers sandwiched between seniors and kids

"Sandwich generation" caregivers, who take care of aging relatives and their own children, are feeling the strain of coronavirus.

St. Christopher’s doctor may have been exposed to coronavirus

The hospital owner alerted employees on the same day that the physician's self-isolation period lifted