I cover young adults for the Health section, with an eye towards mental, sexual and preventative health.

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Lindsey Vonn talks mental health, retirement at Philly event: 'I’m hurting every day’

Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn spoke at the Kimmel Center about being open about her depression and what retirement has been like.

Why group exercise is so effective: The psychology behind working out with others

Group fitness enthusiasts often credit social support as why they return to classes, but competition may be a bigger factor.

Penn researchers turn to Twitter to identify loneliness

The researchers hope to create ways for people who post about being lonely or alone frequently to get support.

Man killed in East Germantown shooting

The victim was shot on the 5600 block of Ogontz Street.

Youths living in poverty are more likely to die by suicide, study suggests

Adolescents who grew up in the most impoverished counties are more than one-third more likely to die by suicide than adolescents in the least impoverished counties.

Drinking actually helps people’s brains 'learn' alcohol, Penn professor says

A new study from Penn researchers suggests that brains are primed to "learn" alcohol and the environment in which it is consumed, possibly explaining why relapses happen.

Man charged in Camden beating death

The victim died Wednesday, nearly three weeks after he was found beaten unconscious on a Camden street.

Philly officials propose restricting e-cigarette sales to ‘protect young people’

Philadelphia’s proposal would lean on retailers, forbidding them to let children and teens in the door if the retailer wants to sell the high-nicotine and flavored e-cigarettes that dominate the market.

Suicide attempts rising for black teens, study shows

This troubling increase may be because of racism, poor school environments and social media, researchers say.

Stressed-out college students are sleeping less than ever. Meditation apps could help.

Campuses are adding meditation apps as an option for students coping with higher stress levels, but not everyone is on board.