Jenice is a metro columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News covering mostly local topics but sometimes weighing in on national news as well.

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A call went out to black men in response to shootings of kids. Hundreds responded, warming my heart. | Jenice Armstrong

It was a beautiful sight to behold — a room full of African American men dressed in business suits or working man boots and jeans all gathered in the same room to express their collective outrage over a number of recent shootings involving children.


The government isn’t going to save us, so we have to take control of our streets and save ourselves | Jenice Armstrong

Get as fired up about the gun violence that plays out in our communities as you do in cases involving police injustice, such as when two black men were arrested at a Center City Starbucks last year.

Media outlets could do a lot better job of covering gun violence, The Inquirer included | Jenice Armstrong

That’s one reason Jim MacMillan organized Friday’s Initiative for Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit at WHYY at Sixth and Race Streets.

We need to do more for grieving youngsters, the collateral victims of gun violence | Jenice Armstrong

The kind of trauma the Boys Latin classmates of the late Sy-eed Woodson, 18, are experiencing is hard enough for adults - not to mention teens their age.

Journalist visits Wyoming to explore why so many believe Trump’s ‘fake news’ claims - and teach how media work | Jenice Armstrong

I get a surprising number of angry emails from readers accusing me of being biased for sharing an opinion. I find myself explaining once again that columnists write from our personal viewpoints.

Ex-drug dealer befriends Camden cop who rushed him to the hospital after he was shot, saving his life | Jenice Armstrong

“I wanted to meet him because he really gave me a second chance,” Hassan Atkins said. “He’s not just an officer to me. He’s a lifelong friend.”


Michael White’s lawyer: ‘When I saw him, I saw my son, wide-eyed and like a deer in headlights’ | Jenice Armstrong

Keir Bradford-Grey didn’t want White’s case to go the way of the five falsely accused boys portrayed in Ava DuVernay’s docudrama “When They See Us.”


We don’t spend enough time eating together and actually listening to each other | Jenice Armstrong

On Thursday, I was reminded of how important it is to do that thanks to a three-year-old initiative sponsored by the Philadelphia Foundation called On the Table. The 101-year-old philanthropic foundation arranged for about 6,000 people to gather in groups around the region and talk.


Many people still don’t understand slavery and the case for reparations. This new movie could educate them. | Jenice Armstrong

Movies like "Harriet," which open Nov. 1, not only teach the next generation but also help those of us who were never taught our history.

Diagnosed with stage IV cancer, these two 30-somethings are ‘making the breast of it’ | Jenice Armstrong

Andy Sealy, 39, and Krysten Gentile, 37, both diagnosed in 2017 with stage IV breast cancer, decided to launch a podcast called “Making the Breast of It.”