Jenice is a metro columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News covering mostly local topics but sometimes weighing in on national news as well.

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Muggers got just $7 from this Center City nonprofit founder. She could’ve helped them get jobs that pay way more. | Jenice Armstrong

As someone who’s been attacked, I know how these kind of incidents can impact your psyche. You’re never quite the same again. You look over your shoulder more. You scan faces in crowds, looking to recognize your attacker.

Racial tensions in Abington are a reminder we need to calm down and listen more | Jenice Armstrong

Andrea Adams, 39, went into Tuesday’s school board meeting anticipating that she would be surrounded by racists. But after listening intently to what fellow attendees said she found that there is a whole lot of misunderstanding about what it’s like for African Americans.

Kobe Bryant’s death exposed vulnerability not usually shown by black men | Jenice Armstrong

I have never seen a story that brought so many African American men to tears.

Philly dad and newly adopted son head to the Super Bowl as NFL commissioner’s VIP guests | Jenice Armstrong

“We battled. We were like two bulls butting heads sometimes,” said Duncan. “I told him the other day, ‘If you asked me to go back and raise you all over again, I don’t know if I would be able to do it.’

Wife of indicted Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson: ‘I haven’t done anything wrong’ | Jenice Armstrong

“I know that I haven’t done anything wrong," Dawn Chavous said. “I have never had any issues with the law. I’m a law-abiding citizen." Prosecutors see it differently.

You should be outraged by the state of Philly public school libraries | Jenice Armstrong

It’s estimated that only seven schools in the entire school district have certified librarians on staff, according to the Pennsylvania Library Association. Seven! That’s a travesty and also an example of institutionalized inequity.

Philly ranks 3rd in STD transmissions partly because too many don’t use condoms | Jenice Armstrong

“It’s really a function of poverty,” said Gary J. Bell, executive director of Bebashi: Transition to Hope. “What do people do when they are sad, or depressed, or don’t have enough money? They either get high or they have sex.”


For just one day, put the guns down for Martin Luther King Jr. | Jenice Armstrong

If the late Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life taught us anything, it was that a lot can happen if you only dream.


This elementary school principal will do anything for his students, including cutting their hair | Jenice Armstrong

At a time when authorities nationwide are searching for ways to reach at-risk students, Terrance Newton has found a novel way to connect with his young male students. Warner Elementary's barbershop cost next to nothing. Most of the supplies are donated. Others Newton purchased himself.


She killed her abusive ex in self-defense. She should not have gone to jail. | Jenice Armstrong

Authorities need to do a much better job of taking into account the circumstances surrounding domestic abuse survivors when charging them in such instances. Many were fighting for their lives.