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Tax day horror story: King of Prussia firm says its accountant failed to file taxes for years

The accountant says it was pressured to be aggressive and now wants changes. A war of words heats up over how and whether international taxes should be paid.

Philly ‘eds and meds’ boards slowly bringing on more women

Which ones are Philly’s leaders and laggards for women on the boards of directors and trustees?

Start-ups, venture capital investors flood post-pandemic Philly

There’s money to be had, and investors are hungry for the next deal. Here are some of the start-up investment roundtables coming soon.

SEC questioned Paulsboro’s Hometown deli as it lined up stock sale

The SEC wanted more disclosures in 2020 from Hometown International, a stock company that owns a tiny deli in Paulsboro, N.J.

Robert A. Fox, successful Philadelphia businessman and philanthropist, dies at 91

Robert Fox and his late brother Richard endowed universities and research facilitilies around Philadelphia.

Paulsboro’s Your Hometown Deli’s stock gains may resemble GameStop

Paulsboro's Paul Morina, high school wrestling legend, owns the deli. Its high stock price has sparked criticism. “The pastrami must be amazing,” one hedge fund owner wrote.

Bernard ‘Bernie’ Madoff’s death at 82 leaves angry, unsatisfied victims in Philly, the world

Known as the face of the 2008 financial crisis, Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison after stealing $65 billion. Many of his victims say they've moved on.

Trulieve Cannabis buys Keystone Shops for $60 million, latest deal in Pa. land rush for weed retailers

A rush is underway in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana dispensaries.

Bitcoin in your brokerage account: how to trade cryptocurrencies or buy an ETF

It's getting easier to buy ETFs, for example, although fees can be high. Also, watch out for the IRS.

‘We feel a sense of freedom’: Easter Sunday brings worshipers out in person and in hope

For at least a year, church members around Greater Philadelphia worshiped mainly online, cut off from in-person services, meeting through electronic screens. On Easter Sunday, many faithful united.