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A Philly subway dance group seeks to ‘inspire the youth’

Crowd Pleazers dance on the subway and Philadelphia streets, hoping to inspire young people.

Too much Halloween candy? Sell it to a dentist

The pediatric dental clinic sees it as a good opportunity to communicate with kids that some types of candy are bad for their teeth.

How a Fishtown cleaning service helps out women with cancer

"If you're going through something like chemotherapy treatment, you are less able to do things that you were able to do before."

After beefs, Philadelphia makes it easier to host a block party

From combined birthday parties to block-wide barbecues and holiday celebrations, some say Philadelphia is the block party capital of the East Coast.

Neighborhood Gardening

"Gardening is contagious," said Betsy Alexander, a resident of Southwest Center City. "If you put in a garden, then other people start gardening. It always happens, and it's definitely happened here."