Board certified cardiologist at Chestnut Hill Temple Cardiology and associate director of Preventive Cardiology at the Temple Heart and Vascular Institute.

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A cardiologist on when heart surgery and stents can mean longer life

Sorry, but the study results do not mean that taking a statin for cholesterol and coronary blockages is just as good as an operation. You still need lifestyle changes.

Should you keep eating red meat or is the Impossible Burger the answer? A cardiologist weighs in.

I cannot imagine how confused people must be after new dietary recommendations suggested adults continue red meat consumption. Here are some facts that may help you make an informed decision.

Can acupuncture help cardiac patients reduce chest pain?

A newly released study utilizes rigorous scientific methods including randomization, careful patient selection, blinding, and a placebo group to show a significant improvement in the chest pain that cardiac patients experience.

Are you getting enough fiber? Cardiologist explains why it’s important for your heart

Americans consume less than half of the recommended amount of fiber in our diet every day. Most of us do not really know exactly what fiber is, or how it can help.

Artificial intelligence could soon be able to help doctors diagnose and treat patients

AI has already been used to help improve the accuracy of many popular imaging tests, such as stress tests and echocardiograms, but one of the major concerns about increasing use of this technology is privacy.

Watchman cardiology device is expensive and heavily marketed. How many patients really need it?

The Watchman device is a good example of the double-edged sword that is modern medicine. Yes, the device helps people but it's also expense and carries potential complications.

Cardiologist debunks 10 myths about heart health

Many of the myths stem from recommendations that once were thought to be true, but new evidence suggests otherwise.

High cholesterol doesn’t always mean you need statins or super-strict diet, a cardiologist advises

Taking medications, even when your cholesterol is high, is no substitution for regular exercise, working on reducing stress and following a careful diet.

Are eggs bad for your heart? New study weighs in

In a large trial published Friday, it appears that too much cholesterol in our diets, especially from egg yolks, can lead to both an increased risk of coronary artery disease and dying, with the degree of the risk correlated with how much cholesterol we eat.

Keto diet success stories make this cardiologist rethink his skepticism

How can a plan so high in saturated fat be healthful? With some adjustments, this physician writes, it may have a place for some patients.