William Bender is an investigative reporter who has covered everything from South Philly mobsters to doomsday hucksters. He also contributes to Clout, a column chronicling the underbelly of Philly's political scene.

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Inspector General: Philadelphia developer backed by Council President Darrell Clarke ‘took advantage’ of flawed city process for ‘private gain’

The Philadelphia Inspector General's report found that a developer exploited flaws in the way the city sold public property.

13 Pa. Department of Corrections employees suspended after death of inmate, formerly of West Philly

“Whatever the outcome of this case, we are going to be as transparent as possible," Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel said.

Hugs, prayers, and therapy dogs: Pleasantville High tries to cope with shooting

Students, parents, and community leaders attended an impromptu vigil Saturday afternoon outside Pleasantville High School to pray and hug and help each other through another bloody weekend in a trigger-happy America.

Six men arrested in connection with shooting at high school football playoff game, one of them also a victim

"The vicarious trauma that will be placed upon the students that were at that game will be untold. That should be criminal enough," said Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner.

Philadelphia Police Inspector Carl Holmes faces charges of sexual assaults

Carl Holmes, a longtime Philadelphia police chief inspector, is facing criminal charges for allegedly sexually assaulting three female police officers.

From a Manayunk restaurant manager to a figure in the presidential impeachment inquiry

How did David Correia, the former by-the-books restaurant manager from Manayunk find himself embroiled in an alleged international conspiracy swirling around the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry?

Building Trades leaders asked to pony up $15K apiece for Local 98’s indicted boss ‘Johnny Doc’ Dougherty | Clout

The Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades Council is launching a legal defense fund for Dougherty, who is fighting a federal indictment.

She lost her parking ticket, so the Phila. Parking Authority sent her some porn | Clout

Also, Sherrie Cohen is back on the general election ballot for City Council at-large, thanks to a court ruling.

Reinstated cops have cost Philly taxpayers at least $5 million over the last decade

Records of back wage payments for at least 30 other cops could not be located in the city’s payroll system, officials say.

Could this state commission help weed out bad cops?

The state Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission can revoke the license of officers convicted of certain crimes or deemed unfit for duty. Some lawmakers want to make it stronger.