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‘Please, don’t shoot me’: Complaints and lawsuits piled up for years before a Philly detective was arrested

Court documents and previously confidential police department records reveal a history of erratic behavior going back to Robert Redanauer's early years as a detective. He faced little punishment.

Philadelphia detective arrested in bizarre off-duty incident, the 10th officer charged this year

Detective Robert Redanauer allegedly pointed a gun in a man's face and stated: "I am going to shoot you." The man noticed the Fraternal Order of Police emblem on Redanauer's license plate.

Wilmington drivers fight back against towing injustices. Could Philly drivers do the same?

A coalition of drivers, lawyers, and community organizations are tired of confusing and predatory towing practices in Wilmington, Del. They sent a letter Tuesday to city officials.

Another botched ‘courtesy’ tow: Philly woman pulled over in Virginia for driving her ‘stolen’ car

The dreaded Philadelphia "courtesy" tow, an expensive and time-consuming headache for local drivers, is becoming an interstate problem.

National Cancer Institute says it’s not funding study that asked West Philly residents for fecal samples

Temple University and the NCI both say they’ve never heard of the study, raising additional questions about the rogue research. College students had assisted.

‘Fecal samples’: The next frontier in fighting West Philly gentrification?

Temple University has distanced itself from a study proposed by a group that wants to collect stool samples to fight gentrification.

A Philly prison inmate was pronounced dead after being found unresponsive in his cell

Armani Faison's death follows that of at least three other inmates who died in city jails since mid-2020 as violence soared amid the coronavirus pandemic.

‘Borderline illegal’: Courtesy tows remain Philly’s persistent parking nightmare

Drivers who get sucked into the bureaucratic vortex describe it as city-sanctioned auto theft, sometimes followed by punishing fines from the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

Chester County eases confidentiality clause for its employees, but legal, constitutional issues remain

Officials had taken heat last week after experts, and some employees, questioned the legality and constitutionality of making "all information" that workers obtain on the job "strictly confidential."

Chester County seeks to classify ‘all information’ obtained by its government employees

Chester County officials don’t want government workers talking about their jobs — to anyone — after an Inquirer report revealed major problems with the county’s COVID-19 antibody testing program.