William Bender is an investigative reporter who has covered everything from South Philly mobsters to doomsday hucksters. He also contributes to Clout, a column chronicling the underbelly of Philly's political scene.

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Inside the ‘old boys club’: Sex harassment and retaliation at Horsham’s Air National Guard

Last month, the base’s sexual assault response coordinator was terminated, following what she says was a campaign of retaliation by Air Guard leaders who rejected her attempts to professionalize the organization and clean up a toxic, fighter-pilot culture.

Philadelphia detective, under investigation for racial incident, busted for DUI and threatening an officer

Homicide detective John Komorowski, facing an Internal Affairs investigation for using a racial slur caught on camera, was charged Friday with DUI and making terroristic threats.

Her car was ‘courtesy’ towed to an illegal spot then ticketed by PPA. The city wants $300 in fines and penalties.

Rachel Sclarksy’s legally parked car was towed by the city and left in an illegal parking spot. Ten months later, the city is threatening to boot or tow her car again if she doesn’t pay fines and penalties from the incident.

‘Watching people die’: Pa. vets’ nursing home failed residents during COVID-19 outbreak

The Southeastern Veterans’ Center, a state-run nursing home in Chester County where 42 residents have died of COVID-19, failed to protect veterans from the coronavirus outbreak and placed them in an “immediate jeopardy situation," state inspectors found.

Pence speech at FOP lodge draws hundreds of police supporters, dozens of protesters

The exchanges were heated between the police supporters and protesters, but no physical clashes were reported.

Philly’s police union spent decades amassing power. Reforms could cut its clout

FOP president John McNesby said he’s open to possible police reforms, but he won’t allow changes “to get shoved down our throat.”

Philly Police Inspector Joseph Bologna applauded by fellow officers as he surrenders on charges of assaulting a protester

Dozens of officers — some in uniform — gathered outside of Lodge 5 of the Fraternal Order of Police on Monday and then at the 15th Police District Headquarters as the police inspector surrendered.

Notorious Philly cop, charged with beating Temple student, has a checkered and charmed past

Despite a checkered past, Philadelphia Staff Iinspector Joseph Bologna Jr., ended up on the front lines of this week’s protests. His aggressive behavior, some captured on video, led the District Attorney to charge him with assault.

Philadelphia Police Inspector Joseph Bologna will face assault charges in the beating of a Temple student at a protest

Video clips of Staff Inspector Joseph Bologna over several days show aggressive responses to people protesting against oppressive policing.

‘Police just went nuts’: Charges dropped after video surfaces of police beating student, other protesters with batons

A police spokesperson declined to comment on the circumstances of Evan Gorski’s arrest, but said the incident is being investigated. “The propriety of the tactics employed will be included in that investigation.”