Michaelle Bond is a Philadelphia Inquirer staff writer covering local and state government bureaucracy.

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Citizenship question on the 2020 Census? As Supreme Court decision looms, Census Bureau tests it out

As the Census Bureau waits for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether to allow a citizenship question on the 2020 Census, the bureau is sending out test questionnaires to measure the possible impact on participation.

Salary-hike cap for police, firefighters gone in high-tax N.J. A new reality for unions, towns.

In this first round of negotiations without the cap, unions are thrilled, but local officials say they might have to cut services to afford increased costs.

As changes come to Pa. Medicaid transit program, counties fear bumps in road

After 35 years, a medical transportation service available to the state’s 2.8 million Medicaid subscribers and among the largest of its kind in the nation could change dramatically -- from a county-based model to a regional one.

What Pa. counties can learn from voters’ reactions to Montgomery County’s paper-ballot rollout

Some voters were concerned about Montgomery County’s new paper ballots when they voted Tuesday. Here’s how elections officials are responding.

San Antonio about to pass Philly, and other observations from new Census numbers

Communities in South Jersey keep losing residents, while the Pennsylvania collar counties around Philadelphia keep gaining them, according to municipal population numbers the Census Bureau released Thursday.

Jamie Gauthier ousts Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell in City Council 3rd District

Blackwell, whose family had represented the district for nearly four decades, didn’t concede or give a speech to supporters at a results-watch party. Instead, she walked out around 11 p.m., after shaking supporters hands and telling a reporter: “I’m going home.”

Pennsylvania’s census commission asking state to spend $1 per head on the 2020 Census

Unequal internet access, a potential question about citizenship status, growing mistrust of the government, and low unemployment rates are some hurdles to a complete count in the 2020 Census.

Just how many people live in Philly, the U.S.? Here’s why that’s a tough question to answer.

The 2020 Census presents new challenges, including digital divides as the census moves online and a continuing trend of government mistrust deepened in immigrant communities by the proposed citizenship question.

Baseball illegal on Sunday afternoons? Pa. legislators target ‘blue laws’ and other outdated rules.

Pennsylvania House Republicans have spring cleaning on their minds, aiming to repeal old laws — some unenforced, such as one banning baseball and football on Sunday afternoons.

2020 census concerns in Camden — where ‘thousands’ avoided 2010 count — reflect worries nationwide

Will the 2020 Census ask about citizenship? How are census takers hired? What state money is available to ensure an accurate census? New Jersey residents raised these questions at a forum Wednesday in Camden.