Les Bowen has covered the Eagles since 2002. Before that, he covered the Flyers for 13 years. He came to the Daily News from the Charlotte Observer in May 1983, just as the Sixers were winning the NBA championship. He thought, "Gosh, this sort of thing must happen all the time here."

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Eagles beat writers weigh in on linebacker Eric Wilson joining the team’s weakest position

Wilson started 15 games for the Vikings last year and registered 122 tackles and three sacks. He wasn't good against the run.

Lane Johnson says he is undeterred by age, injury, or Eagles uncertainty; ‘I’m at a sense of urgency’

Change might be coming soon on the offensive line, though Lane Johnson's spot seems secure for now.

Eagles sign an actual linebacker, Eric Wilson, and bring back Jordan Howard to help Miles Sanders

The former Vikings linebacker was projected to be a hot commodity in free agency, but that didn't work out.

NFL supplement allows Eagles’ Alex Singleton to nearly double 2020 pay — but the cash is deferred

Last year's NFL COVID-19 adjustments mean players won't see the extra money at least until 2024.

NFL players union says it doesn’t see a reason to rush back into team facilities this spring

Cleveland Browns center J.C. Tretter acknowledges that a lot of players are leery of vaccine.

Eagles beat writers weigh in on trading away the sixth overall pick in NFL draft

Was passing on the chance at one of the top prospects worth it for the Eagles? The beat-writing crew can't reach a consensus.

Eagles’ trade showed us how dire they feel their talent outlook really is, as they buckle in for the long haul

You can probably forget the possibility of adding a game-changing weapon in this year's draft.

New Eagles QB Joe Flacco says he’ll mentor Jalen Hurts mostly by competing with him

Flacco says his first priority here is to prove to his new team that he is still a viable quarterback.

Eagles beat writers weigh in on the signing of quarterback Joe Flacco

The 36-year-old backup QB from Audubon, N.J., receives a mixed reception here.

Joe Flacco comes home: The former Audubon, N.J., High star signs with the Eagles to back up Jalen Hurts

In his 14th NFL season, Flacco will play for the team he grew up watching.