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Latest Stories

Behind the Story: Remembering John Chaney

As Philadelphia grieves the loss of John Chaney, Inquirer reporter Mike Jensen takes us behind the story on Chaney's career.

Behind the Story: Outside the Capitol on January 6, 2021

Politics reporter Julia Terruso recounts January 6 outside the Capitol as Trump supporters breached the building.

Behind the Story: Journeys with John Cena

Inquirer staff photographer, Charles Fox talks about a current photo project getting him through the pandemic. His subject? A six inch John Cena action figure.

Behind the Story: Covering the 2020 election

Go behind the story with The Inquirer's national political reporter Jonathan Tamari on covering the 2020 national election.

Behind the Story with Juliana Feliciano Reyes

Go behind the story with labor reporter Juliana Feliciano Reyes on what it's like to report on workers, corporations and labor in Philadelphia.

Pa. voters weigh in on first Trump-Biden debate: ‘I was embarrassed’

Republicans, Democrats, and independents all expressed dismay, disappointment, and disgust with the first presidential debate.

Behind the story with Kristen Graham

Go behind the story with Philly education reporter Kristen Graham and how she has been working during the pandemic.

Behind the Story: Photographing protests for racial justice

Staff Photographer Heather Khalifa discusses the challenge of covering recent protests for racial justice, including the unrest in Center City on May 30.

Behind the Story with Mike Klein

The Philadelphia Inquirer's restaurant reporter Mike Klein talks about the state of the restaurant industry amid COVID-19.

Behind The Story: What it was like for an Inquirer reporter to go inside a coronavirus hospital

Inquirer reporter Lisa Gartner discusses reporting on Temple University's coronavirus unit. You can read her full account at Inquirer.com/hospital.