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The cost of “free” installation is often built into the price of the carpet. You are likely to get a lower price for the carpet at another vendor where installation is not free.

How to save $500 or even $1,000 a year on car insurance in the Philly area

Most consumers stay with the same company year after year, thinking they're getting steep discounts for loyalty. But that's usually not true. And with most companies, your credit score and other information may matter more than your driving record.

How to find the best-rated tree-care services companies in the Philadelphia area

Until May 15, Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook is offering free online access to its ratings of tree care services to Inquirer readers.

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Delaware Valley Consumers Checkbook evaluated area home security companies to find the best service providers. The ratings are available online for free for the Inquirer readers.

Get the best Valentine’s Day blooms for your buck

If you want an arrangement delivered, seek exotic or unusual flowers or need advice, your best bet is a retail florist. But if you’re willing to pick up blooms yourself, you can probably save money,