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Stay or go? A verdict on each of baseball’s new rule changes | Bob Brookover

Baseball put in some new rules to help cope with the COVID-19 pandemic during the shortened 2020 season. A lot of them should remain, but the expanded playoff format needs to be tweaked.


The Phillies are a great distance away from the elite Rays and Dodgers | Bob Brookover

The Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers built their pennant-winning teams in different ways, but both teams showed a lot more smarts than the Phillies.


Phillies' search for next GM should include conversations with Ed Wade and Ruben Amaro Jr. | Bob Brookover

Phillies managing partner John Middleton should interview as many people as possible in his search for his next general manager. Talking to two old standbys would be a good place to start

The Phillies could have a difficult time fixing their bullpen | Extra Innings

The sooner the Phillies replace general manager Matt Klentak, the faster they can consider solutions to their bullpen problem.


Mike Arbuckle: Cherry Hill native J.J. Picollo is a perfect fit for Phillies’ GM job | Bob Brookover

Former Phillies scouting director Mike Arbuckle believes Cherry Hill native J.J. Picollo checks the boxes the Phillies should be looking for when hiring their next GM.

Baseball source: ‘John Middleton wrestles with some of the simplest decisions’ | Extra Innings

General manager Matt Klentak's job status remains unresolved as Middleton ponders his fate.


Phillies source believes GM Matt Klentak will return. Still no word from owner John Middleton. | Bob Brookover

Day One of the Phillies' offseason passed without managing partner John Middleton deciding about general manager Matt Klentak's future with the team. A team source said he expects Klentak to return.


Phillies’ first order of business must be deciding the fate of Matt Klentak | Bob Brookover

Now that the Phillies have completed a ninth straight season without reaching the playoffs, GM Matt Klentak faces a meeting with John Middleton.


Phillies' final-week rotation plan with Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola has failed them | Bob Brookover

The Phillies lined up Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola to each pitch twice during the final days of the season and all it has got them is a pile of losses.

The Phillies must beat Tampa Bay’s deep pitching to punch playoff ticket | Extra Innings

A world championship was on the line the last time the Phillies played a huge series vs. Tampa Bay. This weekend, they play the Rays with a chance to end their eight-year playoff drought.