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Phillies season on life support after sweep by Red Sox | Extra Innings

With 14 games left, including 11 on the road, the Phillies are 4 1/2 games behind in the race for the NL's second wild-card berth.


Phillies’ argument about Bryce Harper’s ejection is sound, but season is over after losing homestand | Bob Brookover

The Phillies had plenty of fight in them Sunday as both Bryce Harper and manager Gabe Kapler were ejected in the fourth inning by home-plate umpire Gabe Morales. That, however, did not keep them from finishing off a losing homestand with a 6-3 setback to the Boston Red Sox.


John Middleton’s decision on Gabe Kapler’s future as Phillies manager should be based on player opinions | Bob Brookover

After this weekend, the Phillies will begin a brutal 10-day, 11-game road trip that will determine their wild-card hopes and possibly their manager's future.

Braves manager miffed by Gabe Kapler’s delayed call to Hector Neris in bullpen

The delay was reminiscent of one from 2018, when Kapler called for a reliever against Atlanta who had yet to warm up.


Scott Kingery might be a better hitter if he was not a Swiss Army Knife | Bob Brookover

The Phillies' super utility man never knows where he's going to be playing on a given night, but he has learned to play every position well. The question is this: Does it affect his hitting?

Phillies shut down by Dallas Keuchel, the pitcher they could have had | Extra Innings

The Phillies missed a chance to move within one game of the second wild-card spot in the National League playoff picture because of the free-agent pitcher they could have signed.


Former Phillies pitching coach Rick Kranitz feeling just fine in his home with the Braves | Bob Brookover

The Phillies fired pitching coach Rick Kranitz in November and he admits he was "mad" at the time. That anger has subsided and the 60-year-old pitching coach is about to reach the postseason for just the second time in his career.


Phillies face wide talent gap when compared to Braves | Bob Brookover

The Phillies and Braves were both in a race to get good again two years ago. Now, the Braves are on the verge of their second straight NL East title, while the Phillies are a longshot for the league's second wildcard.


Phillies’ exhausting win over the Mets keeps them locked in the wild-card race | Bob Brookover

The Phillies played the second longest nine-inning game in team history Sunday in New York. When it was over, they had a 10-7 victory over the Mets that left them just two games behind the Cubs in the NL wildcard race.

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Phillies’ disappointing season a painful reminder of 2003 | Bob Brookover

The 2019 season is about to enter the conversation as one of the team’s most frustrating years in the 21st century.