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Aramark’s new CEO says what’s right for customers and employees is right for the company

In an interview, John Zillmer discussed how he hopes to restore employee morale and the investment approach of Paul C. Hilal, Aramark's biggest shareholder.

Rite Aid distribution center in Fairless Hills to close, costing 356 jobs

The buyer of the facilities elected to close them.

Pennsylvania says changes to Medicaid program will yield $85 million in savings

Starting Jan. 1, the state will require the eight companies that manage pharmacy benefits under Medicaid to use the same preferred prescription drug list, instead of eight individual lists.

Aramark has a new CEO, activist investor becomes vice chair of the board

Aramark Corp. on Monday named John J. Zillmer, an executive associated with an activist investor who controls 20 percent of the Philadelphia company, chief executive, replacing the departed Eric Foss.

Under new rule, Pennsylvania to tax more corporations

Starting with tax year 2020, corporations with at least $500,000 in annual in sales but no physical presence in the state will have to file a Pennsylvania corporate net income tax return.

Why Tower Health says it needed to buy St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children

Tower’s CEO says others may join it and Drexel in buying the North Philadelphia safety-net hospital.

Hahnemann’s end was expected to be a crisis. But that’s not what happened, Philly health officials say.

So far, other Philadelphia health systems have not experienced a clear negative impact.

Is Hahnemann a ‘zombie hospital’? Appeal of residency program sale hinges on that argument.

The $55-million sale, which federal regulators want blocked because they consider it illegal, was approved by a bankruptcy court judge — the Sept. 5 approval hinged, at the simplest level, on whether Hahnemann was open or closed at the time of the sale.

St. Christopher’s doctors worry as new owners won’t keep chief heart surgeon

The decision plunged the critical unit at the North Philadelphia hospital into uncertainty on Monday, when Tower Health and Drexel University received court approval to buy St. Christopher’s out of bankruptcy.

Different banks. Different outfits. Same suspect?

There were two attempts to rob banks in Roxborough Saturday afternoon. One succeeded.