Will is the national columnist — with some strong opinions about what's happening in America around social injustice, income inequality and the government.

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It’s Fetterman v. Kenyatta, for future of Pa. Dems

Should Dems woo white, working-class voters or pump up Black and suburban bases? This race may decide.


How Biden got it wrong about Penn, the Ivies, student debt, and America’s ‘college problem’ | Will Bunch

The president's harsh town hall response on canceling America's $1.7 trillion college debt revealed he doesn't understand the issue.


Don’t fall for new GOP lies. In reality, deadly Texas freeze is a plea for a Green New Deal | Will Bunch

Don't fall for the far right's tilting at windmills. Clean energy and a better power grid can prevent more Texas-sized disasters.


Harrisburg, Capitol Hill must crush The Big Lie | Will Bunch Newsletter

After impeachment, Democrats must combat Trumpism by saving our voting rights.


After impeachment, bipartisanship is dead — and so is the immoral Republican Party | Will Bunch

From QAnon reps to the corrupt Lincoln Project to impeachment cowardice, the GOP is morally dead. Dems must work around them.


ICE ‘Deep State’ is blocking Biden’s quest for justice for refugees | Will Bunch

ICE, after four years as a goon squad for Donald Trump, is aggressively deporting immigrants in seeming opposition to President Biden.

The quest for coronavirus vaccine is corrupted by white privilege

White privilege is making a mockery of the COVID-19 vaccine process, much as it did with college and upward mobility in America.


Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and the criminal conspiracy case of U.S. v. Donald Trump | Will Bunch

New evidence shows Stone and Flynn repaid their Trump pardons by conspiring to block the 2020 vote count. Will the feds charge them?


The GOP re-brands as the Anti-Wokeness Party

Today’s Republican Party: Governing is out. Yelling about ‘cancel culture’ is in.


Biden could curb right-wing extremism with one weird trick: Ending the U.S. ‘forever war’ | Will Bunch

America's endless wars have helped a new generation of alienated vets — some of whom join extremist movements. Biden must curb U.S. militarism.