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A new center at Penn will study palliative care for people with dementia

The new center is meant to turn research into practical help in the community.

The Best Day of My Life So Far lets stories bring generations together

The organization celebrated its 10th anniversary.

Sleep deprivation linked to weaker bones

The research showed that postmenopausal women who slept less than five hours a night were 22% more likely than those who slept at least seven hours to have low bone mass.

Penn gets $9.7 million grant to study concussion-related brain damage

The international study will examine links between brain injuries and different kinds of neurodegeneration that lead to dementia symptoms.

Jimmy Carter broke his pelvis. What does that mean for his health?

Falls and broken bones can be a “marker for declining health,” said Samir Mehta, chief of orthopaedic trauma and fracture care at Penn Medicine.

Poor hearing is bad for your health, but Medicare still doesn’t cover hearing aids

Some insurers are stepping up coverage. Over-the-counter hearing aids could help soon.

Top 10 health tech hazards to watch in 2020, according to Philly-area safety institute

Among other things, beware of staplers and loose nuts and bolts.

Vaping death reported in Delaware

The news comes days after New Jersey also announced a death.

New Jersey reports first vaping death

The victim was a North Jersey woman.

Penn, Drexel get $22 million to study Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, other dementias

Their research aims to help caregivers cope with frustrating behavior and to explore the basic science of dementia.