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‘They’re going to judge me’: Hoarders confess why it gets worse with age

Clutter isn’t just ugly. As people age, it becomes more dangerous.

How to help a hoarder set goals and make progress

Untangling this mess is not as simple as calling the local junk company and telling them to lug all your father’s stuff away. Virtually everyone who’s been the target of a forced clean-out hoards again, often at higher levels.

Do you have hoarding disorder?

This is how the American Psychiatric Association defines the disorder.

Today’s seniors report fewer depression symptoms than their parents

A University of Pittsburgh study that looked at successive generations of seniors highlights the need for medical professionals to be aware of potential differences in people who were born in different eras.

The older you get the more time you spend alone. That can mean more health problems.

Too much time alone could be a sign of social isolation, which has been associated with health problems among older people.

The Soup Squad gang proves you can help others even when you need help yourself

This group in assisted-living at Brandywine Living at Dresher Estates makes soups for seniors still living at home who need help with meals.

Penn finds a way to reduce ICU doctor burnout, improve fulfillment

Shorter rotations improved both burnout and fulfillment.

Cancer patients with ‘paternalistic’ doctors more likely to get aggressive care in their last month of life

The Rutgers study found that both patient and physician attitudes affected choices in patients with incurable cancer.

A survey asks: How old is old? Respondents’ answers were complicated.

51 percent of the adults surveyed said you’re old by the time you’re in your 70s.