I'm a medical reporter with an emphasis on aging. Right now, I mostly cover the coronavirus.

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Social Security and Medicare may experience their own COVID-19 side effects, experts say

There could be bad news for people who turned 60 last year. Some long-haulers may also consider disability.

Nursing home group cites evidence COVID-19 vaccine is already working for their residents

Cases started dropping faster in facilities where staff and residents received shots.

Experts spent months on a fair COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan, only to witness ‘a chaotic free-for-all’

Government decisions to unleash too much demand “caused predictable chaos,” a Philadelphia doctor said.

Is your hospital going to give COVID-19 vaccine to patients? Look for your hospital here.

Their methods and eligibility rules differ, but they are united on one message: Don’t contact us. We’ll contact you.

When COVID-19 locked them down, this senior-living activities director kept fun alive in a ‘horrible’ time

As the virus threatened, they brought games, technology and a sympathetic ear to residents' rooms.

Thousands of Pa. and N.J. nursing home residents and staff still haven’t had COVID-19 shots

More than 179,000 doses have been given in the two states, which are home to nearly 378,000 long-term care residents and staff. The vaccines require two doses to be effective.

Monoclonal antibodies can help high-risk people with COVID-19. But getting the drug to patients remains challenging.

Demand for the drugs, which are the only approved treatment for high-risk patients who don't need to be in the hospital, is lower than expected.

Philadelphia reveals which residents will receive COVID-19 vaccine next; N.J. will expand vaccine eligibility, Murphy says

Essential workers and people 75 and older in Philadelphia could begin receiving the coronavirus vaccine later this month, officials announced.