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Do you still think coronavirus is just like the flu? Here’s why COVID-19 is more dangerous.

The diseases have much in common, but most numbers are worse for coronavirus.

Assume coronavirus is already there, says a Philly nursing home doctor who learned the hard way

“We thought we were doing everything that Kirkland hadn’t done,” said Dr. Joshua Uy, Renaissance's medical director. But four residents have since died and 15 residents have tested positive for the coronavirus.

New Jersey tells nursing homes they can’t turn down new patients just because they have COVID-19

Nursing homes are worried that patients with active disease could spread the virus to other, very vulnerable patients.

¿Cuáles son los primeros síntomas del coronavirus?

Puede que no sean los síntomas que piensas.

How to sleep when you can’t stop thinking about coronavirus: Experts offer tips

You need to start thinking about a good night’s sleep long before bedtime.

Nursing homes fear accepting patients who may have coronavirus exposure in hospitals

Some worry nursing homes are not prepared for the coming wave of COVID-19 patients who are leaving hospitals but still need care. They say they need more beds elsewhere.

Nursing homes in Philadelphia and New Jersey report 17 cases of the new coronavirus. What should happen now?

An expert says to expect more coronavirus cases in nursing homes. Once the disease is there, exposed patients need to be isolated.

Coronavirus poses extra risks for smokers and vapers. Will that make them quit?

"There has never been a better time to quit smoking," an advocate said.