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Fact-checking a viral Pa. Facebook post on coronavirus that says the government is ‘up to something’ | PolitiFact

A few days after President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus a national emergency and cautioned against gathering in groups, a Facebook post accusing the government of being “up to something” went viral in Pennsylvania.

Will homemade masks stop coronavirus from spreading? Fact-checking Sen. Pat Toomey’s claim | PolitiFact

Last weekend, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey told his Twitter followers that wearing homemade masks in public would stop the spread of the coronavirus. But with masks in such short supply for health care workers, we wondered if that's true.

Pa. congressman says U.S. coronavirus trajectory is like South Korea’s. Is that true? | PolitiFact

Brian Fitzpatrick is right that the coronavirus fatality rate in the U.S. roughly matches South Korea’s and is far lower than Italy’s. But an epidemiologist cautioned against reading too much into those numbers.

No, a new lawsuit doesn’t say Pa. registered the dead to vote | PolitiFact

Two months before Pennsylvania voters cast their presidential primary ballots, one of the state’s most populous counties is facing a federal lawsuit over maintenance of its voter rolls.

Fact-checking coronavirus claims by Pennsylvania politicians

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, it had become increasingly tough for Pennsylvanians to determine what is true and what’s not. But now, promoting facts and knocking down falsehoods is more important than ever.

Police in Philly and other Pa. counties stop issuing license-to-carry permits to gun owners amid coronavirus outbreak

Firearm owners without a license-to-carry permit will, in almost all circumstances, not be able to carry the weapons on them without risking arrest.

Esta escuela secundaria de Filadelfia revela graves problemas de asistencia en el distrito educativo

Filadelfia tiene un sistema para rastrear la asistencia estudiantil que el público no puede ver. Revela cuántos estudiantes nunca van a clase.

City Council members want the Philadelphia School District to release hidden attendance data

Data the district shares with the public makes it appear that a growing number of Philly students are attending school, but classroom-level attendance data reveals that absenteeism may be much higher.

How one Philly high school reveals the district’s dire attendance problems

Philadelphia has a system for tracking student attendance that the public can’t see. It reveals how many students never go to class.