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Fact-checking Gov. Tom Wolf’s statement that Pa. is the only state without a natural gas severance tax

Among the 34 states that produce oil or natural gas, Pennsylvania is the only one that doesn’t tax the extracted resources.

Fact-checking impeachment trial claims by the Philly-area lawyers who played big roles

Lawyers from the Philadelphia region played starring roles in the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. We fact-checked some of the claims they made during the trial.

What to know about Scott Perry, Trump’s election plot, and Section 3 of the 14th Amendment

After a Pennsylvania congressman was connected to a failed plot to overturn Georgia’s election results, a top Democrat suggested he ran afoul of an obscure section of the Constitution.

Fact-checking Toomey’s claim that families with ‘six-figure incomes’ would get thousands from Biden relief plan | PolitiFact

Married couples making up to $150,000 annually would qualify for $2,800 in new payments, on top of the payments they received from the last relief package.

Fact-checking a top Pa. Republican who said false election claims didn’t play ‘any role’ in the Capitol attack

A false but deeply held belief that the election was rigged and stolen from Trump led thousands of his supporters to gather in Washington and later storm the Capitol.

Conor Lamb isn’t sure he can work with ‘morally blind’ Republicans who tried to overturn the election

“It’s going to be very difficult to reason with them,” the moderate Democrat from Southwestern Pennsylvania said of Republicans who voted to overturn the election even after the Capitol attack.

Toomey claimed Wolf is ‘closing down businesses again.’ Is that true? | Fact-check

Pennsylvania shuttered many businesses earlier this month, and seven other states have imposed similarly sweeping restrictions.

Wealthy towns outside Pittsburgh were big for Biden. Can Democrats count on them again?

At the root of Biden’s success in this part of the state are the scores of wealthy, college-educated voters in historically Republican areas who rebuked Trump.

Fact-checking false claims about Pennsylvania’s presidential election by Trump and his allies

President Donald Trump’s relentless and false attacks on the results in Pennsylvania as the product of widespread fraud are completely disconnected from reality.

Will Eagles, Steelers players wear masks during games? They don’t have to.

Under Pennsylvania's new statewide order, players must wear masks on the sidelines but not under their helmets at the line of scrimmage. Doing so could dangerously restrict their breathing.