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Esta escuela secundaria de Filadelfia revela graves problemas de asistencia en el distrito educativo

Filadelfia tiene un sistema para rastrear la asistencia estudiantil que el público no puede ver. Revela cuántos estudiantes nunca van a clase.

City Council members want the Philadelphia School District to release hidden attendance data

Data the district shares with the public makes it appear that a growing number of Philly students are attending school, but classroom-level attendance data reveals that absenteeism may be much higher.

How one Philly high school reveals the district’s dire attendance problems

Philadelphia has a system for tracking student attendance that the public can’t see. It reveals how many students never go to class.

Teachers and readers offer ways for Philly to combat its punishing teacher turnover

Teachers who read our investigation into high staff turnover at 26 Philadelphia district schools offered their own solutions to the problem.

The forces behind Philly’s high teacher turnover

Many new Philadelphia district teachers leave because they feel they don’t get adequate coaching and support. Then they’re replaced by recruits just like them, and the cycle begins again.

How a Kensington elementary school convinced teachers to stay despite the neighborhood’s challenges

Like the district's high teacher-turnover schools, Isaac A. Sheppard School in West Kensington has its challenges. But its teachers stay for years, thanks to support from strong principals and from one another.

Special Report

We used the district’s own data to uncover 26 Philly schools with ‘appalling’ rates of teacher turnover

Experts say a stable teaching staff is crucial to a school’s academic success, and turnover of 25 percent in a year is cause for alarm. Twenty-six Philly schools experience turnover far beyond that measure, an Inquirer investigation has found.

Holy Week begins: Christians celebrate Palm Sunday, prepare for Easter

Christians across the region today prepared for Easter by celebrating Palm Sunday – the official start of Holy Week.

Artwork portrays Union League flying the Confederate flag

“Only certain types of people come to fine art galleries. Putting my work on the street feels Democratic,” said Joe Boruchow, a street artist who poked fun at the Union League of Philadelphia over the weekend by depicting a Confederate flag flying above the historic building.