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Andy Carter

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One in four children have immigrant parents. Should they go without health care? | Opinion

New federal regulations say that using too many public benefits could keep foreign-born parents from permanent residency and a path to citizenship.

Proposed rule could upend Pa.’s medical liability insurance market

Currently prohibited in medical liability cases, venue shopping — whereby lawyers can move cases to counties where the payouts are bigger — may be on the way back.

Telemedicine could improve Pennsylvania health care. So why the hold-up over insurance?

Pennsylvania hospitals and other providers want to expand their telehealth services. But that means investing in technology, equipment, and new ways of providing medical care. That's difficult for hospitals to do without knowing if insurance companies will pay for these services.

Can hospitals help bridge the partisan divide to feed hungry families?

In my recent experience the answer is yes, at least a little, if the topic is food stamps, hunger and health care.

The end of penalties for being uninsured: Implications for your 2017 tax return and beyond

The Affordable Care Act's penalty for choosing to go without health insurance was eliminated as part of the nation's new tax law, passed at the end of 2017. This penalty, also referred to as the "individual mandate," will stop as of January 1, 2019.

27 Pa. health care groups to Congress: Take these 3 steps to ease patients' uncertainty about health care

They're are calling for concrete, specific, helpful actions right now. Will Congress listen?