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For 6 years, Germantown High has sat empty and neglected. Neighbors want answers, but the redeveloper isn’t giving any

When the Philadelphia School District sold off Germantown High School in 2013, residents had only questions. Six years of neglect and thousands in paid taxes, there still are no answers. Instead, the school is up for sale ... again.

Joe ’Terry’ Terranova, 78, lead singer of Philly-based Danny & the Juniors

In 1992, Danny & the Juniors were honored by the Philadelphia Music Alliance and inducted in the Walk of Fame.

At Drum Like a Lady, anyone can tap into the power of percussion

LaTreice Branson and her drummers have played through community doubt, serious injuries, and chronic pain.

In the digital age, zines of the ’90s are making an unlikely comeback

When the internet arrived on the scene, many predicted the end of the zine. They were wrong.

David White, 79, Philly-based co-writer of ‘At the Hop’ and ‘You Don’t Own Me’

“At the Hop,” released in 1957, was broadcast live from "American Bandstand" and sold 7,000 copies in Philadelphia in one week. It rose to the top of the charts and became one of the top-selling singles of 1958.

Dorm assistants at most colleges get thousands. At Haverford, they're paid $0. Why?

At Bryn Mawr College, it's $2.5k a year. At Swarthmore College, nearly $8k. And at Haverford College, students are paid $0 for the residential support they provide. What's up with that?

Move over, Gritty: The rise of e-sports is building a new fan community for Philadelphia Fusion

They watch their team on a screen. They build communities via Discord, Twitch, and Twitter. And they're just as fiercely Philly as their counterparts in reality sports. Meet the fans of Fusion, Philadelphia's first professional e-sports team.

‘A labor of love’: The lives of Boathouse Row’s little-known inhabitants

Philadelphia's iconic boathouses have been standing for more than a 150 years, and at that age, a leaky pipe or a loose wire left unfixed can spell doom. They might be long gone, in fact, if not for the Row's "watchers on the wall" — resident managers.

Immigrants find health — and home — in Philly’s Buddhist centers

A Penn State survey of the region's Buddhist spaces show the ways they support some of the city’s newest East and Southeast Asian residents.