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Mayor Kenney won’t renew Philadelphia’s data-sharing contract with ICE

Each day, city officials said, ICE probes PARS to find people who were born outside the United States, then targets them for investigation.

As child abuse allegations in Philly schools rise, ‘teacher jail’ thrives and reputations are at stake

One pupil was bothering another in James Slater's classroom at an Olney elementary school, so Slater grabbed a chair to move the 8-year-old aggressor away. The pupil told authorities he fell and was hurt. Slater denied that, but was cited for child abuse in January 2017, and hasn't returned to work since.

When he was on City Council, Mayor Kenney opposed sharing arrest information with ICE

As a Council member, Kenney had co-sponsored a resolution urging the city to share a database with ICE. Now his administration is unsure whether it will end the contract when it expires Aug. 31.

For ‘Abolish ICE’ protesters and the targets of their ire, what’s next?

The protest in Philadelphia comes amid a growing national call from immigration advocates to abolish ICE, with some Democrats saying the agency has become a deportation force that targets black and brown people. The Republican Party says eliminating ICE would mean abolishing the borders and opening the country to crime, drugs and terrorism.

Police clash with protesters outside Philly ICE office, arresting 29

The protest comes amid a growing call from those on the left to eliminate ICE, the federal office charged with finding, arresting, and deporting people who are in the country without permission. "Sometimes you have to use your bodies to stop injustice from happening," one demonstrator said.

Meek Mill hearing before Judge Genece Brinkley devolves into a laughing matter

The judge who sent the Philadelphia rapper to prison last fall for violating the terms of his 2008 conviction on drug and gun charges said Monday that she needs more time to decide whether he should get a new trial. She gave no date by which she would make a ruling. Lawyers accused her of laughing at an expert witness.

‘Enough is enough’: Philly school unions boiling over assaults on staff

"To be so brazen as to fight, to just punch a staff member — enough is enough," said Cooper.

Philly cops issue new trespassing policy in response to criticism over Starbucks arrests

The new policy encourages "greater discretion" from officers, who are now encouraged to de-escalate disturbances between business or property owners and the offender.

South Philly man, 31, pleads no contest to human trafficking

Chaz C. Jordan, 31, of the 1800 block of South Fifth Street, is accused of running a sex trafficking ring from his residence. He faces a maximum sentence of 99 years in prison. By pleading no contest, he forfeited his right to a trial by jury.

Dozens of speakers at hearing assail Pa. plan to use algorithm in sentencing

Officials from the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office and the Defender Association of Philadelphia testified Wednesday in opposition to approving an algorithm that could change how those convicted of crimes in Pennsylvania are sentenced, saying that the formula would promote racial inequities and cement other existing flaws in a criminal justice system in need of reform.