Bonnie writes the life stories of the movers and shakers in the Philly area and South Jersey who have died.

Latest Stories

William H. Lingham Jr., government worker for almost four decades, dies at 83

Mr. Lingham knew how to engage an audience. He told a story about being chased by a mean dog while delivering the mail. It was so funny that tears ran down the cheeks of listeners, his daughter said.

William B. Carey, pediatrician, researcher, and medical educator, dies at 93

Dr. Carey would have you believe he was, first and foremost, a pediatrician in Media. In fact, he conducted research in child behavior that drew a national and international audience.

Sherl Joseph Winter, a Philadelphia portrait painter and sculptor of 50 years, dies at 85

Mr. Winter loved all art but was especially fond of designing medals and commemorative coins. “A penny is more than loose change,” he told the New York Times. “You are carrying around a little piece of sculpture all the time.”

Virginia H. Robinson, a gifted musician and church leader in North Philadelphia, dies at 89

Pastor Robinson advocated the Golden Rule but changed it slightly. “Treat others better than they treat you,” she liked to say.

Diane S. Freedman, a Philadelphia-based career counselor for 35 years, dies at 77

Mrs. Freedman often counseled workers who felt trapped in jobs they didn't like. She helped them identify their interests and then guided - not pushed - them along on a more satisfying career path. Some were so grateful they cried.

James Walter Buchanan, a pioneering veterinary cardiologist at Penn, dies at 85

Dr. Buchanan was not only a brilliant veterinary cardiologist, in a union rarely seen in medical circles he was an accomplished cardiovascular surgeon.

John C. Stokes, planner and executive who led preservation of the Pinelands, dies at 70

Mr. Stokes's work on the New Jersey Pinelands Commission was a used as a model for preservation projects throughout the nation.

Rev. Leonard L. Smalls, Baptist pastor lauded as ‘a warrior for the Lord,' dies at 90

Rev. Smalls "had a long record of social justice activities. He never forgot where he came from. In his 90 years, he lived a life of passion,” a fellow clergyman said.

Wayne G. Davis, who led FBI offices in Indianapolis, Detroit, and Philadelphia, dies at 81

Mr. Davis was one of several men who broke the color barrier by graduating from the FBI Academy in 1962 and 1963. He went on to a distinguished career as an FBI agent and head of the bureau's offices in Detroit, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia.

Leonard Mellman, a Philadelphia real estate manager and developer, dies at 96

Mr. Mellman took over his father's general merchandise company, and then used the profits to buy real estate. The properties became seed for his next phase as a developer and manager of real estate.