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With dozens of Pa. lawmakers heading for the exits, do Democrats have the edge in 2020?

Since the current two-year session began in January 2019, 19 lawmakers have announced plans to retire and seven have resigned. At least seven of the Republican-held seats were won by Gov. Tom Wolf in 2018, making them prime targets for Democrats.

Spotlight PA

Pennsylvania is spending $4 million to ensure hard-to-reach groups are counted in the 2020 census

With $4 million in state funds, Pennsylvania is buying ads and preparing to award grants to nonprofit organizations, grassroots groups, and colleges to ensure every resident is counted in the 2020 census.

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Longtime Pennsylvania State Senator Andy Dinniman is retiring

Andy Dinniman, a longtime Chester County Democrat and one of the most prominent critics of the Mariner East pipeline system, will not seek reelection.

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The agency that exposes Pennsylvania’s puppy mills expects to run out of money soon

The Pennsylvania bureau tasked with discovering puppy mills and handling dangerous dogs expects to run out of money by this summer.

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‘Fail first’ no more: Pa. moves to expand coverage of advanced cancer treatments

The state House on Tuesday gave final approval to a bill that would abolish the heavily criticized “fail first” approach, which requires stage IV cancer patients to show no improvement with cheaper, insurance-approved drugs before moving on to more innovative approaches.

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Gov. Tom Wolf again calls on GOP-led legislature to act on guns

Gov. Wolf made an impassioned plea to the legislature to tighten the state’s gun laws, including mandating universal background checks and passing a red flag law to allow firearms to be temporarily seized from people considered a threat to themselves or others.

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Gov. Tom Wolf wants more money for public schools — and gun control

Wolf departed from the boundaries of a traditional budget speech to make a strong plea for stricter gun laws in a state with a long history of taking a hands-off approach to the issue.

Gov. Wolf calls for $1 billion to tackle lead and asbestos in schools across Pennsylvania

The proposal would make $1 billion in grants available to schools through an expansion of the state’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. “I think that’s the magnitude of this problem, and this is specifically for toxic schools,” Wolf said.

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One of the most powerful Republicans in Pa. won’t seek reelection

As Pa. House speaker, Mike Turzai has been perhaps the most powerful and visible conservative leader in the state.