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Here’s how to take yourself off COVID-19 vaccine waitlists in Philly and the suburbs

If you want to stop receiving email and/or text message notifications, you may want to take yourself off the waiting list.

Your post-vaccine activities safety guide, including gyms, shopping, taking an Uber, and more

Seven experts rank the risk of going to a movie, traveling by plane, taking an Uber, and more.

Qué hacer si tenía cita programada con la vacuna Johnson & Johnson contra COVID-19

Si estaba registrado para obtener una de las vacunas de Johnson & Johnson, es probable que se pregunte qué se supone que debe hacer ahora. Esto es lo que sabemos.

Where to get vegan Chinese food in and around Philly

If you’re interested in ordering meat-free dumplings, dan dan noodles, and mapo tofu, here’s where to find it, along with Chinese-American fare like General Tso’s tofu and sesame “chicken.”

What to do if you were scheduled for a Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine appointment

If you were scheduled for one of those Johnson & Johnson vaccines, you’re likely wondering what you’re supposed to do now. Here’s what we know.

These are the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility qualifications in Philly, Pa. and N.J.

Who currently qualifies for the vaccine? We’ve broken down who’s eligible in Philly, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, all of which have different requirements.

The Free Library is opening a plant cutting swap station. Here’s how it works.

The Free Library's new pilot project allows you to bring a plant cutting and take a plant cutting, so you can share and grow your plant collection for free.

Your pandemic guide to traveling with unvaccinated kids right now

The CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel within the U.S. If you have kids, experts say you may want to wait.

You can drink, but don’t go on a bender after your vaccine. Here’s why.

You got the vaccine. You want to celebrate. Is drinking alcohol after getting your COVID-19 vaccine a bad idea?

FEMA will pay families up to $9,000 to help with COVID-19-related funeral costs. Here’s how to apply and who’s eligible.

You can get COVID-19 funeral costs reimbursed if you're eligible. Here's how the program works.