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How to wear a mask at the beach (properly)

Before you head down the Shore, you’ll want to pack some masks. Here's what you need to know about wearing them at the beach, when you're swimming, drinking water, eating pizza and slathering up with sunscreen.

Where to buy plants, seeds, soil, and gardening supplies right now in the Philadelphia region

Whether you're in Philadelphia, the suburbs or South Jersey, here's where you can buy plants, seeds, soil, gardening supplies, for delivery or pickup right now.

Vegan and vegetarian grilling recipes for your Memorial Day cookout

If you’re firing up the grill this weekend, we’ve got a few plant-based recipes that make it easy to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. All are designed to be entrees rather than side dishes, letting veggies become the star of your next cookout.

How to organize your fridge to maximize shelf life, time, money

An organized fridge will help you save time and money, while also helping to extend the shelf life of your groceries. It also means less food waste, fewer odors, and less frustration trying to find the broccoli hiding amidst the shelves.

What do I need to know before going to the Jersey Shore?

Jersey Shore beaches are beginning to reopen. But is it safe to go?

Quarantine birthdays can still be fun, as these Philly birthday celebrations show

Here's how Philly is celebrating birthdays right now. Whether through a virtual party, drive-by parade, or over-the-top decorations, all you need is a little creativity.

Your pandemic kids activity guide

We know that by this point of the coronavirus quarantine with kids, everyone might be on the brink of driving each other insane. It’s part of what makes it that much more important to break up the monotony — and potential intensity — of day-to-day family quarantine life.

No, you can’t expand your quarantine circle just yet

Sorry, but you can’t see other people yet.

Did you eat your two-week food supply? Here’s why you need to restock it. Now.

You need to keep your two-week emergency pantry supply stocked during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's why.

Where to get pandemic cookies, cakes, and other baked goods for Mother’s Day

Here are Philly bakeries still open for business during the coronavirus shutdown, selling cakes, brownies, donuts, and more by either curbside pickup, delivery, or both.