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Wall Street is unfazed by riot-scarred U.S. cities; stocks rise despite the toll

Traumatic as rioting in Philadelphia and other cities has been, the stock market appears to have shrugged off the unrest. Investment analysts think the financial impact of the riots may be limited.


Is a former GSK pharma exec from Philly’s Main Line the right czar to speed the nation’s coronavirus vaccine?

Born in Morocco, educated in Belgium and the Ivy League, and a registered Democrat, Moncef Slaoui of Gladwyne is “a world-renowned immunologist,” Trump declared, just the man to run Operation Warp Speed, the public-private project to find a vaccine.

Protest and Pentecost: ‘Kids are doing exactly what they’ve seen our leaders do’

“Wow, do we need peace this week,” said Philadelphia Archbishop Nelson Pérez. “We have all learned the lesson that violence begets violence.”


Insurers: We can’t pay coronavirus business losses; that’s taxpayers’ job

Forcing insurance companies to pay for business disruptions caused by the pandemic would cripple the insurance industry, industry leaders say.


Was this the right way to shut down Pennsylvania?

A federal suit challenges Gov. Wolf's legal powers

Escape from Silicon Valley: Facebook to hire engineers in Philly and a few other regions

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg named Philadelphia among cities where it will hire staff, in part as a way to diversify from its crowded California base. It also wants to allow more people to work at home to slow down the rate at which Facebook employees have been quitting.

Urban Outfitters stock sinks as coronavirus turned an ‘outstanding’ quarter into ‘an exercise in crisis management’

"A return to near pre-virus levels will take many quarters and a medical vaccine or cure.”

A thousand workers, many robots: Amazon confirms first phase of giant Del. warehouse

Amazon confirms some details of a plan reported in The Inquirer, to build a state-subsidized operations center in Delaware.

Masks and shields, microphones, scanners, contact tracers: How Wall Street trades again amid coronavirus

After an 11 week shutdown, Nasdaq is reopening its "open outcry" trading floor at Philadelphia's FMC Tower, as Wall Street accommodates coronavirus protection measures: Brokers will sit near their desks, in masks and shields, and yell trades into microphones.

In Pa. visit, Trump ties coronavirus fight to U.S. factory recovery dreams

In his trip Thursday to a warehouse outside Allentown, President Trump chose to visit a firm positioned to profit from a pandemic. But if PPE-maker Owens & Minor is a model for the future, it’s also an example of the challenges ahead.