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Do those born in the U.S. deserve citizenship? The Federalist Society thinks it’s debatable

The national group best known as the farm league for Republican federal judges is holding a debate at the Pyramid Club on Monday evening about whether people born in the U.S.A. still deserve to be citizens.

Trump asks Lockheed Martin CEO to save Coatesville plant that makes White House helicopters and employs 465

Lockheed Martin chief executive Marillyn Hewson said Friday that she’s thinking about ways to keep her company’s Sikorsky helicopter factory in Coatesville, Chester County, open because President Donald Trump asked her to.

‘A Brief History of Doom’ by Richard Vague: Borrowing, booms, and busts

Penn professor Richard Vague gives us a tour of two centuries of economic crises -- and he finds over-borrowing at the heart of each one.

‘Brew unto others’: Yards of Philly will make Cape May beer

This is the first time that Yards has decided to brew for other breweries.

See you at the ‘Truist’: BB&T, which scrapped Susquehanna, Nat Penn names, picks new brand

The combination will be known as Truist, BB&T chairman and chief executive Kelly S. King said in a statement. That’s “trust,” plus an “I.”

White House helicopters not enough to save Sikorsky plant in Coatesville and its 465 jobs

Sikorsky had hoped that the oil and gas market would have rebounded by now, but it has not, causing the company to close the plant.

25 ‘serious’ violations at U.K. chemical maker’s Delaware River plant

The findings relate to a Nov. 25 ethylene oxide leak that closed the neighboring Delaware Memorial Bridge, snarling holiday traffic on the nearby New Jersey Turnpike and I-95 at the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Will Army save Pa. helicopter jobs? House acts to save Chinook upgrades in Ridley

Military leaders want the Army to move away from older technologies like the Chinook to meet new threats.

Roche’s giant deal with Philly-based Spark is delayed by FTC queries

This represents at least the fourth delay for the much-ballyhooed deal, considered a landmark event for gene therapy research in Philadelphia.

Is Wilmington losing its luster as a banking center?

Company officials have said in the past they had a hard time recruiting managers to Wilmington, where JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the dominant financial employer.