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Search The Inquirer’s database of 170 Philadelphia police misconduct files

Records of these union arbitration cases, which are typically confidential, date from 2011 to 2019.

Meek Mill’s decade of legal woes: Prison, probation, and a clash with a judge

After a decade-long legal saga dotted with contentious court dates, probation violations, jail stints, and a push for criminal justice reform, rapper Meek Mill’s battle has come to a close.

How mass shootings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey compare to other states

Pennsylvania, which is cited as having lax gun-control laws, ranks 16th in total fatalities for its population size. New Jersey, which has among the nation’s strictest gun-safety laws, ranks 17th.

Vote by donation: How Philadelphians are diving into the 2020 presidential race

Donors in the area have given roughly $2.7 million to the two dozen or so candidates who hope to be their party’s nominee. Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Cory Booker brought in the most.

San Antonio about to pass Philly, and other observations from new Census numbers

Communities in South Jersey keep losing residents, while the Pennsylvania collar counties around Philadelphia keep gaining them, according to municipal population numbers the Census Bureau released Thursday.

Philly’s growth is slow and steady, but the population is still below its 1950 peak, new census data show

Philadelphia’s population grew slightly in 2018, the 12th straight year of growth, according to Census Bureau estimates released Thursday.

Johnny Bobbitt saga: From feel-good story to criminal charges

A GoFundMe campaign built on a lie: A chronology of the heartwarming story turned criminal.

Democrats running for president in 2020

Six Democrats — including four women — have announced their candidacies for the 2020 presidential race. Here's a look at the backgrounds of who's running.

A look at John Bogle’s career

A timeline of John Bogle's career as a pioneer in mutual funds and investing.