Albert Eisenberg is a Philadelphia-based political consultant. He formerly served as the communications director for the Philadelphia Republican party, and is a founder of Broad + Liberty. He writes regularly for The Inquirer on issues from the right.

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The protest image I can’t get out of my mind | Albert Eisenberg

This week, regular people’s lives all over our country — immigrant business owners, working people in everyday neighborhoods — have been upended, and there is no excuse for it.


5 heartening Hollywood portrayals of conservatives that you can stream right now | Albert Eisenberg

It is no secret that the media is swamped with grievance-based narratives that reflect the liberal worldviews of much of Hollywood.


Thanking low-wage frontline workers demands more than just a pay raise | Albert Eisenberg

When Pa. reopens, let’s remember the people who showed up to serve us: at the Acme, at our doorsteps, and at grandma’s nursing home.


Leadership from Pa. Democrats is in short supply as PPP funds run dry | Albert Eisenberg

We deserve political leaders who are willing to step out of line, show backbone, and break with their parties at times.


Life under coronavirus demands the quiet strength to go on | Albert Eisenberg

I have prayed online, exercised at home, and taken runs through our beautiful neighborhoods. I have also overslept, felt the gnaw of depression, and the anxiety of having no “things to do."


Why do some city workers get a coronavirus cashout while regular Philadelphians flail? | Opinion

Some city workers deemed "essential" are getting extra pay to work from home.


Mayor Kenney’s legacy could be a flood of debt | Opinion

Payroll has surged across city departments, but we're not seeing results.


If stop-and-frisk can save black lives, shouldn’t we keep it? | Albert Eisenberg

Stop-question-frisk was a part of the policing approach that led to thousands of lives saved a year.


Trump’s embrace of trillion tree plan is good environmental policy | Opinion

Hopefully we can look forward to swathes of beautiful, bold, Trump-branded forests.


To keep college valuable, don’t make it free | Albert Eisenberg

This week several Democratic front-runners confronted questions about their “free college” proposals, exposing a rift among the major candidates.