Stephanie Farr covers Philly Culture for the Philadelphia Inquirer. She writes about the people, places, things, and ideas that make Philly and its suburbs weird, wild, and wonderfully unique.

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Forced into sobriety, this West Philly man took his boredom out on his Cadillac

“I said ‘To heck with that! I’m gonna put some pots and pans on here,'" Gilbert Hilton said.

Robber returns money to Philly store, says it’s not enough for his kid’s transplant

Police are searching for the suspect — and the truth about his story.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater becomes second UNESCO World Heritage site in Pa.

Out of 24 World Heritage sites in the United States, Pennsylvania's got two.

'Now, I’m from Philly!': After the U.S. invaded her homeland, she came here and became an artist

“It’s not easy to make a decision to move to America, the country that my country was fighting."

Study ranks Philly 15th-best city to celebrate the holiday we created: July 4th

None of these other cities would even have a July 4th if not for Philly!

‘World’s Youngest Barber’ is an 8-year-old West Philly girl with major moxie

“I was confident since the day I was born,” Neijae Graham-Henries said.

The 5 best finds from Antiques Roadshow’s Delaware taping

More than 17,000 people entered a lottery for 2,000 pairs of tickets to the show.

19 shootings, 28 victims, 5 dead as Philly weekend violence escalates

Six people were wounded, one fatally, in one shooting in Southwest Philadelphia.