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Plane overshoots runway and tips into Ocean City marsh

Two people escaped injury when their plane overshot the runway at Ocean City Municipal Airport and plunged nose-first into a nearby marsh.

Refinery fire has been extinguished; investigation begins Monday

Investigators from federal and local agencies, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, are scheduled to begin their investigation early Monday.

Cash-stuffed envelopes, a $200 bottle of liquor: Feds accuse unnamed sheriff’s employee of accepting bribes for land sale tips

Over the past four years, federal authorities have quietly exposed a long-running bribery scheme involving sheriff’s employees, netting convictions against four people. But one city official implicated in the probe remains in his post, uncharged.

In charge of Philly elections, commissioner lost notary license for violating the law

Lisa Marie Deeley, facing reelection, failed to check identification before notarizing documents signed by an impostor and deprived a woman of her right to her husband’s death benefits.

Execs at Kenny Gamble’s charter school operator implicated in federal bribery probe

Prosecutors accused two unnamed officials at Gamble's Universal Companies of paying kickbacks to the former president of the Milwaukee Public School board.

Skydiver's death in South Jersey residential neighborhood ruled accidental

The Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office will investigate the death of Paul Haaf Jr., who jumped from a plane that took off from Cross Keys Airport.

Accused Philly police officers get reassigned to the ‘last place’ they should be, critics say

Faced with the dilemma of what to do with officers accused of misconduct while their cases play out, the Philadelphia Police Department has deployed some to a sensitive, federally funded intelligence-sharing center.

How an obscure Philly nonprofit launched by Vince Fumo ended up in Johnny Doc’s control

An obscure Philadelphia nonprofit that has received millions of dollars in taxpayer money might be a blueprint for how political and patronage networks can grow. It was shepherded by former Sen. Vince Fumo and eventually taken over by his protege-turned-rival, union leader John J. Dougherty.

Tie emerges between Penn bribery case and national college admissions scandal

Eight months before the bribery case broke, Penn faced its own scandal: Its former basketball coach accepted cash, a recruiting trip to Miami, and rides on a private jet to get a businessman's son into the school.

An ex-Philly homicide detective’s fall from star investigator to accused rapist

The DA's Office charged Philip Nordo with preying on male witnesses. An Inquirer review of jailhouse phone transcripts and court documents sheds light on the charges — and on the extent to which convictions he helped win may be jeopardized.