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Did you go to Milton Hershey School? Tell us about your experience.

We want to hear from as many Hershey alums as possible to get an in-depth account that we can share with you and our readers.

Hershey School board member sues the wealthy school over access to its financial records

Bob Heist, a director of America’s wealthiest boarding school, claims he had to sue the institution to see how it spends the funding it receives from sales of Hershey bars and Reese’s Pieces.

Court green-lights Hershey’s $350 million plan for six free childhood centers around Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania judge approved $350 million in childhood centers funded partly by Hershey Co. stock dividends.

Hershey School proposes a Pa. network of six free early childhood centers with $350 million

The Hershey School, the nation's richest private school, agrees under pressure from state Attorney General Josh Shapiro to expand across Pennsylvania.

Special Report

Coronavirus is devastating a company chicken town in central Pa. — and hitting Latino workers hard

The security that came with a Bell & Evans job is evaporating as the coronavirus sweeps through this part of Pennsylvania.

Bell & Evans chicken has unsafe levels of salmonella, USDA says

Central Pennsylvania poultry processor Bell & Evans, a favorite among upscale grocers, has been grappling with a salmonella problem as it looks to boost production.

Private shuttle services used to be a popular way to go to NYC and even Fla. Will they survive the pandemic?

Tourism, a big source of revenue, could take months or years to recover. Commuters will be loath to ride on full buses, which will convert profitable routes to money-losers.

Philly-area residents pay off more student debt — nearly $40,000, on average — than graduates in San Francisco and New York

Philly student loan borrowers carry more debt than those in New York and San Francisco. And delinquent payers aren't who you think.

A Pa. egg farmer considered killing half his flock until a woman on Facebook devised a plan to save them

Egg farmer Joshua Zimmerman got the dreaded call. His bulk-egg processor had run out of storage for liquefied eggs destined for fast food breakfast sandwiches and cafeteria-style scrambled eggs.

Federal judge dismisses gay-conversion-related lawsuit by former student against Hershey School

Plaintiff Adam Dobson contended that he was forced to watch the hour-long gay conversion video as punishment, and that it was followed by a campaign of prayer sessions and other efforts to get him to change his sexual orientation.