Frank is a columnist and general assignment reporter focusing on sports enterprise, projects and features. His Sunday column, 'Frank’s Place', examines Philadelphia’s rich sports history.

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Popularity of fruit beers increases in the Philly market

Once a tiny niche in a U.S. beer market that now generates more than $120 billion annually, the many varieties of fruit-flavored beers comprise one of the industry’s fastest growing segments.

Fifty years ago in Penn’s sunlit basketball season, a gifted player was heading for the shadows

Phil Hankinson, a star player on that memorable Penn NCAA tournament team, saw his life go adrift after an injury ended his brief NBA career.

Eagles Hall of Famer Tommy McDonald found to have most severe CTE

McDonald, who died at age 84 in 2018, was diagnosed with dementia in his later years.

Indiana park operator buys Clementon Park for $2.3 million

The new owner's Indiana park, located on Lake Shafer in Monticello, is remarkably similar to Clementon’s experience.

South Jersey investor group plans to bid at auction with the hope of restoring Clementon Park

“I’m convinced this can still be a great park if it’s run right,” said investor Melvin Brown.

Pickleball love has spread in Philly: ‘It’s a sport anyone can play’

Pickleball, like tennis but a lot easier, is a booming sport across the nation.

Philly referees have dominated NBA officiating for decades. Here’s why.

Throughout the NBA's 75-year history, one tradition that has endured is the quantity and quality of referees from the Philadelphia area.

Drive-in theaters pop up across Philly region as demand grows for pandemic-safe activities

Pop-up drive-in movie theaters are arising at venues throughout the Delaware Valley — at Citizens Bank Park, the Navy Yard, the Mann Center, King of Prussia Mall, and the Delaware Art Museum.

In soccer and in marketing, Hershey’s Christian Pulisic is scoring big

At 22, Christian Pulisic - from Hershey, Pa. - has become the face of American soccer.

Super Bowl LV ticket prices keep dropping days before the big game

After Tom Brady led the Bucs to their first NFC title in 18 years, the price for available tickets jumped from $10,000 to $14,000. But since then, they’ve been going in reverse and dropping daily.