I write about the cost of health care and insurance, including how COVID-19 has affected the way people access and pay for care.

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COVID-19’s tax-season surprise: You may have to pay back part of your ACA insurance subsidy

ACA marketplaces have helped people get health insurance during the pandemic. But several tax complications may mean you may have to pay back part of your ACA insurance subsidy.

New parents worry how pandemic isolation will delay infant development: ‘I’m trying not to spiral downhill’

Experts say we should be more worried about how social isolation and financial hardship are hindering parents’ mental health and, in effect, their ability to withstand the pressures of new parenthood.

Uninsured rate among young adults has plummeted in the last decade, report finds

The number of young adults without health insurance plummeted between 2011 and 2018, largely thanks to Medicaid expansion.

Pennsylvania residents are more worried than ever about health-care costs, survey finds

The coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated health care affordability challenges for many.

Medicaid enrollment soars as Americans lose jobs to pandemic: ‘I never thought I’d experience this’

Medicaid enrollment has grown steadily during the pandemic, spurred by unprecedented unemployment.

Pandemic unemployment spurs health insurance marketplace enrollment as exchanges prepare to reopen

Already popular among people who lost health insurance during the pandemic, the ACA marketplaces are reopening for a special COVID-19 enrollment period, running through May 15.

Health insurance marketplaces reopening in Pa., N.J. to help with COVID-19 relief

Pennie, Pennsylvania's state-based insurance marketplace, will open for a special COVID-19 enrollment period Feb. 15 through May 15.

Black and Hispanic children receive less medical imaging than white children, Pitt study finds

Emergency department doctors order far fewer medical imaging tests for Black and Hispanic children, compared to white children, according to a new study by UPMC researchers.

Medicare fall enrollment opens Oct. 15. Here’s what is new this year.

Wading through the many plan options and features that become available every year is confusing no matter how much you know about insurance, but doing your research can pay off.

Your Medicare 2021 questions, answered

Medicare’s fall enrollment period, Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, is a time to make any necessary changes to your coverage for 2021. We’ve got your most common questions answered here.