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Novartis’ new $2.1M drug has roots in Philly. Here’s how the city has had an impact on the treatment of rare diseases.

The latest million-dollar drug and the emerging gene therapy field it's part of have a Philadelphia origin story.

A debt collector goes after Crozer patients for hospital bills they’ve already paid

“Outrage, pure outrage,” is how the woman described her reaction. “How dare they?”

What to do if your medical bill is sent to a debt collector

Got a medical bill you don’t know how to handle? The worst thing you can do is ignore it.

Pa. woman donates her uterus to help a stranger experience motherhood

Uterus transplant is an experimental procedure that enables a woman who does not have a functioning uterus to become pregnant and give birth.

High drug costs lead 5 percent of seniors to skip or ration medication, study finds

About 5 percent of adults over age 65 said they skipped or rationed medication, or didn't fill a prescription because of cost, according to a new report.

Health costs a growing burden for people with employer health plans, study finds

A study by the Commonwealth Fund found that nearly 24 million people with employer-sponsored health plans are spending big chunks of their income on health care.

10 tips for avoiding health insurance scams

Shopping for health insurance is confusing - especially when the Internet is full of websites promising amazing rates. Here are some tips for smart shopping.

Pa. woman was convinced she bought Obamacare insurance. She got scammed by a look-alike website.

Websites designed to look like government-run insurance marketplaces spend millions for prime ad placement when people Google Obamacare-related terms. Some are so good consumers never realize they weren't on the government's website.

Eli Lilly starts selling half-price generic of Humalog insulin as drug-cost fight continues

Activists say the cost is still too high, especially compared with prices in other countries.

Clinical trials are essential for advancing patient care. But costs discourage some participants.

There's a misperception among some patients that clinical trials mean free care - not so.