I am a health and science reporter. I cover pediatrics and issues involving children, youth and families. That includes pets because they're family members, too.

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'A man who built bridges’: Philadelphia deputy sheriff eulogized

Loved ones said they still didn’t know what made Danté Austin, the department’s first openly gay member, end his life at his desk.

CHOP community grants get a funding boost

Grants for hospital staff programs to help kids get a financial boost.

Among Philly kids, trauma and poverty are linked to mental illness, learning problems and more, Penn study finds

Forget the school of hard knocks. Trauma and poverty hurts kids, a Penn and CHOP study finds.

Sikorsky helicopter plant in Chester County to close by year’s end

The closure of the Coatesville plant will affect about 465 employees.

Rowan University gifted $3 million to start therapy dog program

Therapy dog program to find a permanent home at Rowan.

Art exhibit in Northern Liberties stirs up debate over circumcising infants

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ position is that scientific literature shows potential health benefits to circumcision, but the medical organization says the ultimate decision should be left up to parents and the child’s doctor.

Fat-shaming during childhood leads to long-term risk of obesity, according to new study

Childhood and youth overweight and obesity are at epidemic proportions in the United States and are associated with numerous health problems, including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and orthopedic complications.

Dog owners get more exercise, new study finds

Most dog owners spend close to 300 minutes each week walking their dogs — that's double the national health guidelines which call for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week.

Opioid prescription rates for teens and young adults remain high, according to a new study

Despite the dangers of misuse, youth opioid prescribing has only slightly declined, new research has found..

More than half of e-cig users want to quit, Rutgers study finds

While e-cigs have been marketed as a way to help kick the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, vapers report resorting to the same quitting tools and strategies as conventional smokers.