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Why was this woman in body paint in Center City?

Johnson's own struggle with addiction started after a 2008 car accident. The Scranton native sustained injuries for which she was prescribed Percocet, a commonly prescribed opioid painkiller - the drug's manufacturer is currently being sued by Ohio for misleading doctors and the public about its addictive nature.

Promising discovery in 1830s deaths of Irish rail workers on the Main Line

In the quest to uncover the truth about the 57 deaths, ground-penetrating radar found several anomalies that suggest the presence of more bodies at Duffy's Cut, a small patch of woods 30 miles west of Center City.

Ed Sheeran sticks with his everyman brand at the Wells Fargo Center

"When I was six years old I broke my leg," sings Ed Sheeran in the first line of his set after strolling out to the eardrum-bursting screams of the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday. The image of the English folk pop singer's familiar mop of shocking red hair is projected 20 times over on the screens above him, armed with only his trusty guitar and loop station.

South Philadelphia mosque takes on matchmaking of black Muslim women

"When you look at all Muslims, of all races and ethnicities, who has it the hardest? Black women unequivocally have it the worst."

At SEPTA station, commuters date while they wait? Kind of

Thomas C. Knox came up with the idea of Date While You Wait in 2015 in New York City after noticing a lack of people connecting.