Ashley Blake Greenblatt is a certified personal trainer and wellness coach with a focus on movement and mindfulness.

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A short (and sweet) workout to control blood sugar this holiday season

Over time, overeating and inactivity will cause weight gain, which raises the risk for developing an increasingly common, yet largely preventable disease — type 2 diabetes.

Weight debate: When to use body weight, machines, and free weights

Bodyweight exercises are the foundation upon which all strength training movements are built. Before you can incorporate free weights or practice advanced exercises, you must start by working with your own bodyweight.

Take your cardio workout outside with this 30-minute routine

The goal of each cardio course is to engage the heart, lungs, and major muscle groups. This will encourage a greater caloric burn, a stronger body, and a healthier mind.

Home gym hack: A total-body workout using only stairs

This week’s workout is built around your stairs. Since most homes are equipped with steps, you have all you need to improve your heart health, muscle definition, balance, and burn those pesky pounds.

Cheapest home gym ever: A hand towel workout

Stop wasting your time traveling to the gym, or spending money on fancy equipment. Look in that laundry basket and try this sweat session.

Transform your home into a gym using only a tennis ball

You can save tons of time, energy, and money by implementing a household good as your new aerobic accessory. This week, you will begin with a tennis ball.

Wrist pain from exercise can be relieved — with the right moves

What do planks, push-ups, mountain climbers and downward-facing dog all have in common? When performed improperly, these popular positions place substantial pressure on delicate wrists.

3 core exercises you can do while standing

Improve your core strength, burn belly fat, and hit all the major muscle groups with the following upright routine.

All you need is a pair of socks to do this fat-burning workout

Socks are your secret weapon for burning major calories, challenging your balance, strengthening your stabilizer muscles, and breathing new life into stale, standard movements like lunges and planks.

4 ways to fight the harmful effects of prolonged sitting

Too much time spent lounging is linked to an increased risk of chronic conditions and diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated LDL (bad cholesterol), heart disease and depression.