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Man walks around the city in a bunny costume

Aaron Talasnik, 42, wears a bunny costume while walking his dog Charlie in Center City. Aaron said he has recently been walking his dog while dressed in his old Halloween costumes to brighten peoples day. "If I can make somebody smile or make somebody laugh during the day I am helping, I think a lot of people right now are struggling, just trying to stay positive is not easy right now. I can't afford to help financially, and I am not a doctor or nurse. I see this as a way to brighten people's day. And I have to go on the walks anyway, it just kind of comes from that.” He said he has a rotation of about four costumes at the moment: The hungry caterpillar, Buzz Lightyear, the Easter bunny, and opening day Phillies fan.


Window service: Restaurants work through the pane during coronavirus shutdown

When Philadelphia's dining scene fell off the cliff last month, some restaurateurs adapted by serving customers through takeout windows.


Working through the pane: restaurant workers adapt to the shutdown

Just three weeks ago, the restaurant scene in Philadelphia was alive and thriving. All the while, a public health crisis sat at its doorstep. Following a citywide shutdown on March 16, some of Philadelphia's most popular restaurants are now shuttered and barely recognizable behind boarded-up windows and stacked chairs and tables. The remaining eateries have shifted from hosting guests to handing off food through makeshift windows, enforcing the social distance code that goes against everything their industry once stood for, in what now feels like a lifetime ago. The workers at these windows share their stories on what its been like at the frontlines of a severed service industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Protesters call for Hahnemann to be reopened during the coronavirus pandemic

A group of activists staged a protest Thursday morning demanding the reopening of the shuttered Hahnemann Hospital, but it didn’t quite look like the demonstrations and rallies that have taken place outside the hospital in the past.


Broad Street Ministries remains open during pandemic

Broad Street Ministries remains open during the coronavirus pandemic, taking sanitary precautions while trying to provide resources to homeless individuals as much of the city shuts down.


Hospitals open drive-through swabbing centers as coronavirus testing ramps up

Philadelphia-area hospital systems, including Penn Medicine and Jefferson Health, have opened drive-through locations where individuals can be swabbed as part of the coronavirus testing process.

Philadelphia police officer shot and killed while serving search warrant

Philadelphia Police SWAT Cpl. James O’Connor was shot and killed early Friday, March 13, 2020, while serving a warrant, according to Commissioner Danielle Outlaw. He is the first officer killed in the line of duty in Philadelphia in five years.

Benson Churgai is the first openly trans graduate from the Philadelphia Police Academy

Benson Churgai became the first openly transgender recruit to graduate from the Philadelphia Police Academy.


How Philadelphia celebrated Valentine's Day

From weddings at Love Park to seniors citizens dancing it out, here's how Philadelphia celebrates Valentine's Day.


Fans in Philadelphia and Los Angeles mourn the loss of basketball great Kobe Bryant

Fans gathered in Philadelphia and Los Angeles to mourn basketball legend Kobe Bryant, 41, and daughter Gianna, 13, who were confirmed dead, along with seven others, by authorities when a helicopter crashed in Calabasas, Calif., on Sunday, Jan. 26.